Is Anyone Showing At 5 Weeks

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concerned - October 15

i am 5 weeks and wearing maternity clothes! is something wrong with me?


E - October 15

Sounds completely abnormal. I can see going a size larger in regular clothing but not maternity wear. Are you pregnant with twins or possibly more? Have you had an ultrasound yet?


Tk - October 15

Concerned, please don't listen to "E", everyone's body is completely different. It is normal to show early especially if this is not your first pregnancy. If this is something that concerns you, just give your doc a call and talk to him/her about it. It's really the best way to relieve your fears. Most (not all, there is some good advice) people on this site don't know anything.


E - October 15

Sorry concerned. I realize how horrible I sounded to say this was abnormal. I did not mean it in the sense that it was taken. I should have said it is not the norm to show at 5 weeks. That would have been better. Unless of course there is more than 1 baby. I want to clarify something, some women think they are showing but the reality is that the embryo is the size of pencil tip at 5 weeks gestation. Usually the feeling that you are showing in a single pregnancy is due to either a less firm uterus (previous children) or bloating and bowel distention. It is not related to the size of the baby. Again, sorry.


concerned - October 17

E, no need for apology, I took no offense. Thanks to both of you for the advice. I have an ultrasound tomorrow. I'll report back when I find out if there is just one or if it might be twins. All of my friends think it is twins - because of how big I am so fast. I had a miscarriage a couple of months ago. So I wonder if my body is still fresh enough from the hcg levels last time that it was already in gear ready to start preparing. Does that make sense? I'll report to you guys tomorrow what news I get. Thanks again.



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