Is Anyone Showing At Nine Weeks

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JM - March 10

I have another question for you guys. I am preg with my third child and its seems like over night I got a belly. I can wear maternity clothes. I just thought it was because this is my third. Anyone else have this?


Erin - March 10

I am also pregnant with my 3rd and i could wear maternity clothes around 8 weeks. I work at a daycare and parents were asking me when i was barely 2months. I am now 33 weeks and everybody thinks i am ready to pop. i am due April 25 and a friend of mine was due Jan 29 many people thought we were going to be in the hospital together! Be prepared you may get huge. I also have large babies my smallest at 8lb 15oz and my bigger at 10lb 7oz. Good luck!!!!!


JM - March 10

Thanks. my boys were both 8lb6oz so this one will prob be big also. I am due oct 17. good luck to you.


aomk - March 11

I am also pregnant for the third time. I am nearly 8 weeks and look like a lot more. When I went to the doctors last week I measure 13weeks. I am due 23rd October.


michelle - March 11

I looked 5 mos. preg when 10 wks with the 3rd. The 4th and 5th it was even more noticeable. I also have big babies. Smallest was just under 8lbs, biggest over 10


sonya - March 12

I am 9 wks and i am already in maternity clothes. I couldn't get any of my old pants over my belly and walking around with my pants unb___toned/unzipped was getting old. This is my second but I showed early with my first too. He ended up being just under 9 pounds. Good luck to all.


leslie - March 12

I am 11 weeks but I think I won't be showing till like 5 mths. Which in my situation is good...I just feel fat but I know its because I am bloated not the baby..I haven't told anyone about my pregnancy, so when my friends notice my belly and they find out I am like 5 mths or so they are going to be in shock1!!


CEM - March 12

totally! i'm also pregnant with number 3 and i think i showed around 8 weeks and was in full-b__wn maternity gear by 11 or 12 weeks! i think you just get bigger each time. my first two boys were also big, 9lbs.13oz. and 9lbs. 5oz, but regardless, it probably has more to do with our stretched out stomach muscles!!!!


Jo - March 12

I'm 12 wks. with my second pregnancy, though the first one only lasted 8 weeks....and I am wearing Maternity clothes already, I see that you ladies have had 9 and 10 pound husband was almost 11 pouns when he was that I read this and I see how big I am for being only 12 wks....I'm thinking this baby is gonna be 11 lbs! lol :-)


S - March 17

Are most of you referring to your # of weeks in terms of last day of known period or from conception?


Heidi - March 17

I'm at 9 wks today with my first pregnancy. Not really showing. Just feel and look a little bloated some days. I still can wear my jeans.


s - March 17

I am eight weeks pregnant with my third baby...Looks like am about 4 or 5 months....I'm really tired much more than with my other two....Any answers to why?


Donna - March 18

im 35weeks and didnt start showing till about 5 month and now im popped out that far that my skin cant strech anymore lol :)


D - March 18

I've been reading all the posts on this thread since you started it, and wondered why I feel as big as you're describing on my first pregnancy.... Turns out, my uterus is 14-18w size, and I'm only 9w6d, so she did another u/s, and found a fibroid that is nearly as large as the pregnancy. No wonder I've been wearing my maternity pants more and more! I thought I was crazy...


Melissa - March 30

I am 7 weeks and am pregnant with my fourth baby. I had twins the first time and started showing at 10 weeks. With my second pregnancy (third baby) I was showing around 10 weeks. Now I am 7 weeks and wondering how I will hide this from my family much longer!


Tam - March 30

Hi I am at 8 weeks today (and yes thats 8 from first day of last period, to the other question). I have a fat belly and had to go and buy some maternity pants today. This is my second pregnancy though the first only went to 8 weeks. After reading all the above, I hope to GOD I don't have a 10 pounder!!!!!!!! LOL......HELP!!!!!


Jody - March 31

I am also pregnant with my 3rd baby (my second baby died at 4 days old from trisomy 18 so I only have my one boy) but i showed early for the other 2 pregnacies. I will be 8 weeks tomorrow (my bday!) and I am showing lol its more common with smaller ppl like me.



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