Is Anyone Suffering From Anxiety Disorder I M 17 Weeks

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jayly - June 1

Hi girls I have such a bad anxiety that i get panic attacks almost everyday, I'm so scare of having my belly big and having this attacks yesterday i had a real bad one driving that i did a crazy turn and went back home has anyone made it through this without medication i'm not on any med the doc doesnt let me. help me with your stories. good luck


sarah - June 5

i too suffer with panic attacks and im 27 weeks pg.there was a time when i thought id nevere be able to grow a baby because of these,but hey ive reached this far,not long left for me ! you r not alone and it helps s o much to talk to others,email me anytime!


jayly - June 5

It makes me happy to know that you are so far it makes me feel so much better and it will make me feel so even better to talk you can e-mail me at anytime to [email protected], where are you from? Are you on any meds?


Hayley - June 6

Hi Jayly, I am 34 weeks pregnant and I have anxiety disorder and have suffered with panic attacks throughout my pregnancy. I stopped taking medication for these early on last year as I didn't think it was helping. I have coped without it and actually feel better, I used to get them more or less every day like you but now they're not as frequesnt. However, I still get a racing heart and hot flushes and surges of adrenaline on a daily basis and no matter how much I try to relax and relieve myself of this, it seems impossible. I have worried all the way through my pregnancy about the affect panic attacks might have on my baby. It's just a matter of waiting now and hoping that I have a healthy little boy. I'm getting worried about labour as I know too much adrenaline can inhibit labour and make it more complicated. I'm going to try my best though to stay calm and just go with the flow. Take care and good luck x


jayly - June 6

thanks so much Hayly i'm also terrified of labor and is so funny b/c i had one already and i know what it is like but back then i didnt have panic attacks, i hope it doesnt affect the baby or me, i'm affraid of my blood preasure going up or something, have you asked if the blood preasure can go up because of the panic attacks, how are you doing with the big belly and the attacks does it make you feel like you cant breath? i'm so scared of that.



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