Is Canned Tuna Safe

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Baby - February 19

I am going to be 12 weeks in a couple of day I was wondering is it ok to have a tuna fish sandwich I have not had any thus far I have had salmen twice thanks


Jbear - February 20

I heard that you shouldn't eat canned tuna (at least not the albacore) because it might have high mercury levels. Some people think that an excess of mercury can cause autism in the baby. Ask your doctor if tuna is safe.


pbj - February 20

I used to love tuna, but during my pregnancy I hated it. Anyway, from what I understand you can have canned tuna...but follow the no more than 2 servings of seafood a week during pregnancy...that goes for all seafood. There are several fish you should not eat at all during pregnancy...but I've never heard of any of them so I can't remember what they are. Fish does contain mercury and it is not advisable to eat alot of it during pregnancy...however in small amounts it is good for you...contains omega-3's. Ask your doctor how much or little he/she advises. Most canned tuna is caught in deep waters so usually has less mercury, but still, just to be safe do a little research first.


drea - February 20

my doc said it's ok to have tuna once a week, but no more. i'm 10 weeks and i only had it once since i found out. i think you need to eat tuna every day to have the mercury affect the baby, but if your not sure, ask your doc.....good luck


missy - February 20

It is okay, just make sure you dont have more than 6oz a week, thats what my dr has told me!!! I love tuna fish sandwiches!!!


LN030905 - February 20

OK! I was watching Runway mom yesterday and the lady had been eating 3 cans of tuna everyday!!! When her mid wife came over to meet with her and her bf, she was shocked...she told her not to eat more than 6-10 oz a week and that it probably wouldnt hurt the baby anymore than going out into a highly polluted city(they were in new york), but that just in case she shouldnt...The baby was fine..but why risk it?


Baby - February 23

Thank you everyone God Bless


Melanie - February 25

NOOO!!!!! I work for an environmental company that has a person dedicated to what we call the "Mercury" File. The goal is to educate those on the horrors of mercury as well as remove as much from circulation as possible. Pregnant women and children should never ever eat tuna canned or otherwise, and the rest of the population should not have it more than once a month. Tuna is not the only culprit either - many other types of fish are off limits (don't remember which ones off the top of my head). I just found this out myself. My 2 yr old loves tuna and was eating a ton of it. Another shocking fact about mercury is that it is used in switches in those childrens shoes that light up - about a gram in each shoe!!! Each shoe has enough mercury to kill a lake. Please tell everyone you know not to put these on your kids!!!!


Been There - February 26

The salmon is even higher in mercury than the tuna. You need to leave the salmon alone. But the tuna you can have 6 oz. of per week. My doctor gave me a whole brochure that talks about seafood and which ones are higher in mercury. Absolutely no shark.


Melanie - February 26

Swordfish is actually the worst - but honestly, the research is alarming. Tuna is poorly regulated, and mercury levels rarely measured by authorities - especially here in Canada. Mercury is a dangerous, toxic poison that is at its most harmful to a developing fetus. While pregnant is the most dangerous time to consume it so please stay away from tuna until your babies are born!!!


Lin - February 26

Melanie, mercury is only poisonous if you have physical contact with it, so stressing about it being in a pair of shoes is just silly. It's not like you're going to take a pair of scissors to your shoes and cut it out and play with it.


BabyGirl - February 26

My health nurse said Tuna is fine! Yes they worry about the ,ercury levels ... but its not going to do anything as long as you dont eat it more than 5 times a week she said!


Melanie - February 26

The concern is really not that the mercury in a kids shoe is going to poison your kid. But honestly - why take a chance. What will eventually happen is that your kid will outgrow the shoes and somewhere down the line that mercury will go into a landfill - releasing vapours and contaminating the ground water. Considering there is enough mercury in a single pair of shoes to kill two lakes, we have a social and environmental responsibility to stop making foolish purchases.


monkey123 - March 1

I honestly don't see the big fuss about eating seafood during pregnancy. Everyone has a different opinion about it .My doctor says I can eat as much seafood I want, all meat is contaminated with something anyway. I do limit my tuna intake, just because it makes me sick. I still eat a bunch of salmon & tilapia. They're "safer" since they're smaller fish anyway, I was lucky on that one. - Sushi is great to consume during pregnancy too. Japan probably has cleaner waters somehow, but japanese women have been seafood for thousands of years. Japanese doctors laugh when they hear about how Americans are obsessed about seafood risks. Food is food.


Melanie - March 1

Go to the link below - read pages 30 - 40 if you actually care to learn about the risks to your unborn, small children and self from Mercury exposure. Mercury is basically the only real threat in eating tuna, shark, swordfish and high order fish. Most seafood is fine, and a great source of protein and omega 3's & 6's. Yes, we have certainly have succeeded in contaminating our planet and all living creatures on it, but your unborn and newborn nursing babies are at the very top of the food chain. Everything we consume that is contaminated concentrates as it pa__ses through the placenta. A fetus will measure 70% higher levels of mercury than the mother carrying the child. Educate yourselves. Monkey123 - You ignorantly describe this thread as an American obsession with food - what I see is a group of smart women seeking to have a healthy pregnancy and outcome for their children. To do this you must arm yourself with the FACTS about what you consume.


jas - March 2

What about the Japanese? They live off of different kinds of fish and seafood - they are not limited in any way because of Mercury when they are pregnant... In a way, I agree with Monkey - facts or no - people read too much into things... And honestly, there isn't enough mercury in canned tuna to be any kind of threat - read consumer reports...


Been There - March 2

I don't think anyone is saying you can't have tuna at all. The point is about too much of something with mercury in it. You can have tuna fish, just don't go hog wild with it and watch how much you eat. It's easy to point to other things and say "this turned out alright." But we are talking about 9 months of taking precautions to ensure the baby is okay. I'm willing to make whatever sacrifices are necessary because 9 months is nothing to me to be sure my baby has the best chance possible for a healthy start to his life. It's totally worth it to me. I can have all the seafood (chock full of mercury) I want later.



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