Is Everyone Really Eating Healthy

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Alicia - July 9

I feel like I dont get the proper amount of food and nutrition at least 4 times out of the week. I take Prenatals every day. It varies for reasons like im not hungry or just dont eat full meals. Do all pregnant woman really make sure they get all the foods from the food group every day? Has anyone else felt like this during their pregnancy only to have the baby come out fine?


L - July 9

I am not a___l about hitting every nutrient every single day but it is a good idea to try. Start off your day with calcium fortified OJ, eat a salad with either lunch or dinner, make fruit smoothies with an added non-fat dry milk packet, and eat plenty of carbs and protein (pastas, cereals, meats and eggs). It is actually pretty easy to meet all the nutrient demands :) Good luck! (if you feel you ate poorly on a certain day, just make a point to eat healthier the next day)


Mel - July 9

I think I eat healthier when I'm pregnant than when I'm not. Occasionally I will have a snack or something sweet. Most of my friends when they are pregnant go junk and fast food crazy and their babies came out fine. The only difference I notice is that my son is 2 and has only been sick 3 times in his life. He loves veggies, he will even eat raw broccoli. None of my friends kids eat like that. I think what you eat while you're pregnant may affect what your kid likes to eat when they start to eat real food. The baby can taste what you eat so if you put junk in its going to want junk once s/he starts to eat food.


E - July 9

Eating a balanced diet is mostly important for mom, because the baby will take what he needs (nutrient wise) and get what is left. That said, I did the best I could while pregnant, but fell in love with burritos during my second trimester, and ate them every night until the birth. I made sure to fill them with plenty of greens, cheese, avocado, tomatoe, beans, and my fake meat. Oh, can't forget the jalapeños!! They were chock full of calories and nutrients.


Jackie - July 9

I try to eat healthy stuff, but I also eat other stuff that might not be too healthy. But everything in moderation is okay. I know someone who ate organic everything never anything else but organic foods and her kid is a year behind in learning. I say everything in moderation.


ericacarmack - July 9

i dont eat like that- i eat really whatever i feel like and my doctor said that me and the baby are doing perfact


nelly - July 10

I eat whatever I'm in the mood for pretty much I do avoid the deli meats and stuff they said to avoid though. I drink healthy lots and lots of water.


chelsey - July 10

I do eat healthy, and sometimes let myself slip. Like this morning I had a 1/4 of an apple pie, some pb and jelly on toast, some macaroons, and a Little Debbie packaged cake. Wow, haven't eaten that much junk ever! I've been having a bad week, so I think I'm ent_tled...


Jill - July 10

My dr. said as long as you're taking prenatals, you don't have to really worry about getting a certain amount of each nutrient. Of course you should eat healthy, but just eat what your body wants. Try to keep healthy snacks readily available and only a limited supply of junk food. I completely gave up fast food... at first it was hard, but not the smell of it makes me sick. If you watch "Supersize Me" (the McDonalds doc_mentary) you'll probably never want to eat fast food again! One more thing... I fill up really quickly too. I eat breakfast (1/2 bagel with cream cheese) and milk or juice at 7 am. By 9 am, I'm hungry again, so I eat fruit or yogurt. Same thing with lunch... I eat part of it at 11:30ish and the rest later in the afternoon when I get hungry. You feel like you're eating too much, but when you look at how much you're eating instead of how often, you'll see that it's not too much (sorry for the run-on sentence!).



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