Is Inducing Labor More Painfull

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Misty - April 20

I posted this same question on another forum, but it isn't getting any answers. I was induced with my first labor and the pain was unbelievable, more than I had expected and almost too much to handle. I wondered if the fact that I was induced had anything to do with it? It seems like some ladies say labor was a breeze. It was far from that for me, I wondered if I didn't get induced this time if it would still hurt as much or not. Anyone gone through both and knows if there is a difference?


rose - April 20

yes!!! there is a big difference, i was induced with my 2nd childbirth and it was so much more painful than the doctor warned me that pitocin (the pit drip) can do that.......


CEM - April 21

i agree! i have gone through both and found a big difference. my first labour was induced and the contractions came on so strong and so suddenly that i needed an epidural. my second happened on its own, so i had a chance to get used to the gradual increase of pain. i didn't need any pain relief at all. okay, it still wasn't a piece of cake, but the fact that your body has time to adjust is a major factor in dealing with the pain. best of luck no matter what happens!


Maleficent - April 21

my induction was horrible! they never got the PIT right so i was either contracting too much or not enough. labor was long and i ended up taking so many different medications to try to manage the pain that i don't even remember what i was on. the PIT ended up giving me a fever of 104 and my poor baby was delivered with the same high fever. his apgar levels we're scary low and he was rushed to the nicu. my second baby came when she was ready and though labor still hurt it was all over so quickly that i didn't care. from water breaking to b___stfeeding it was 3 hours and recovery was amazingly better. i would NEVER induce again unless i was in a life threatening situation.


anneliese - April 21

YES AGAIN! My induction hurt like hell, the gel they used inside me burned cos I had a reaction to it aswell. They say inductions make for longer labors too. I was 5 mins apart for 24 hours.I'm pregnant with number two now and DO NOT plan on getting induced again...NO WAY!


jb - April 21

I was induced the first time and from the moment they put the gel in I had very hard contractions! I am now pregnant with 2 and hoping I don't have to got hrought it again!


Misty - April 21

Thanks ladies....I think :-) Only problem now will be if I have to induce this time I will be terrified from the get go. Oh well, heres to hoping my little squeaker will decide to come out naturally.


toes - April 21

is there a difference between natural induction (s_x in other words) and medical? we're 4 weeks away from my wife's due date and the baby's 7 lbs already, so are playing with the idea.


kenya mama - April 21

Yes! I was induced with my son and it skips the early stages of labor and sends you straight into INTENSE labor. Lucky for me, I had a really good ansethesiologist and my epidural was fabulous!


Heidi - April 21

My friend said one of hers was induced and she said it was ten times worse than her other two labors!


Misty - April 21

Toes-I don't think that would be as bad. With the pitocin they hook you up to a constant drip that forces your contractions. I could be wrong but I don't think inducing through s_x would be nearly the same.


Mary Kate - April 26

I was induced with both my labours but the feeling is somewhat slightly different. Yes, it sent me into the depths of labour. I gave birth to my first in 2 hrs 24 mins with no pain relief(not out of choice I didnt have time) and my second labour was twin boys in less than 2 hours (no pain relief but again no time). Am due again in Oct but would like to go into labour naturally and hopefully it will be just as quick.


RLI - May 2

I was induced with my first child when I was 17 yrs old. I went in to the hospital at 8am, was put on the drip and given my epidural then...I had no complications what so ever & delivered at 4:48. I am being induced again w/my second child 5/15 but by Cervidil this time. Hope it's a breeze as it was before!


Liz - May 2

UGH! My water broke at midnight and they had to give my pitocin to get things going. I was in labor for over 18 hours and it was mighty brutal!!!! But.....worth it : )



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