Is It A Bad Luck To Tell Everyone You Are Pregnant

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Grewal - February 23

Ohh... THis is the first time I am pregnant I am 26yrs. Wait for this for so long almost 6months to happen finally it did Now My problem is I am the person who wants to tell everyone I have alots of friends and family members. I have told only the very close relative and friends yet. But now when I told my mom and my mother- in-law that i told so and so they are like why did you tell them right now you should have wait. I cannot wait cause who ever i told that I am pregnant the first question the ask me that when did you find out and i tell them yesterday And which is true I am thinking if i had wait till my 12 weeks and then told them how would they feel 3 months past and i am telling them now cause some of my family memeber i see the once a week they live close to me rather then my parents and in- laws. Did i brought a bad luck tell them is it something going to happen with me I am so scared plz some body talk to me..........


tryin44 - February 23

I just found out yesterday I am pregnant with #4. My first I waited the twelve weeks and my other two I told right away. This one I am going to wait til 8 weeks. Only because my mom just found out my sister was pregnant with #2 and she was a bit in shock. She watches her 8 month old already and will now have a second baby to watch. I stay at home with my kids but I thought maybe she should get to adjust to the idea of one baby coming before I tell her.


Val - February 23

It's not bad luck to tell people you are pg in the first trimester. The downside is that if you have a miscarriage, then you'll have to go back and tell all those people the bad news (not that it's going to happen). It can be kind of uncomfortable for people if you don't update them and they call you months later wondering if you've had the baby yet. (That happened to us.) The plus side of telling people is that if something (god forbid) does happen, those people can help support you. With my current pregnancy, we shared the news early on with our parents, and a few local friends and co-workers. We probably told more people that we really wanted to, mostly because lots of our friends knew about our struggle trying to conceive. We waited to tell others (friends in other areas, etc.) until the end of the first trimester. Good luck to you!


sdillon78 - February 24

To me, I wanted to tell everyone that way you have the support of all your friends and family if something did happen with the pregnancy (m/s) so I was only 4 weeks when I told everyone!!



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