Is It Dangerous To Sleep On Your Back

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Dawn - May 4

I'm almost 30 weeks and I've not slept well throughout my pregnancy. I've heard that it's best to try and sleep on your left side during pregnancy but I find this really uncomfortable. I'm so tempted to roll over onto my back where I find it a lot more comfortable but I'm worried about harming my baby. Does anyone know how much of a risk it is to sleep on your back?


Davida - May 4

Have you tried a body pillow? It might ease some of the discomfort of sleeping on your side. I don't know what the exact risk is but when I was told not to sleep on my back I a__sumed it was for the best. Good luck!


Misty - May 4

It is not only just harmful to the baby at this point it is harmful to you as well. There is some sort of blood supply behind the baby (I don't know what it is called) that when you lay on your back it cuts off the blood supply to both you and the baby. Maybe if you try laying in somewhat of an incline where the baby is not pushing down into your back it would be o.k. Pregnancy workout videos have you do that instead of laying on the floor.


Billie - May 4

From what I understand, when you sleep on your back the extra weight of the uterus is compressing some blood vessles (sp?) and that means less oxygen to the baby. I could be wrong but that's what I was told. But I also heard that if you wake up in the middle of the night on your back, not to worry and just roll back over.


nhb - May 4

My doc told me the same thing as Misty and Billie; the biggest blood supply your body has can be compressed by the uterus and baby when you sleep on your back, so try to avoid it . . . but of course, you don't have control over how you sleep, so if you wake up on your back, my doc told me not to stress over it.


Bella - May 4

With my first child I couldn't sleep any other way than on my back. He came out fine.


P - May 4

I think it's called the Vena Cava. Too lazy to check. The baby can compress this artery and block your oxygen supply. It's more of a danger to you than the baby because if it does get blocked you will feel very nauseous and dizzy long before it would harm the baby. I slept on my back a lot and my stomach. I would go to sleep on my side and wake up every which way. My baby is almost eight weeks old and is perfectly fine. You need all the sleep you can get. If it really concerns you try sleeping propped up by some pillows. I found that really comfortable. Good luck.


NurseBetty - May 4

Your vena cava is an atery near your heart.


Erin - May 5

I was told that before the fetus would be deprived of oxygen, you would feel numbness in your arms,hands or legs which would signal to you that you were restricting the blood flow, and cause you to change positions. I lay on my back as long as I am propped by a few pillows, but try to sleep on my sides as much as possible. Better safe than sorry I guess!! :-)


TINA - May 5

I asked about this yesterday and I was told that as long as the head of the bed is elevated it is fine. You should not be flat on your back for more than 5 min, it cuts off the oxygen flow to the baby.


Jaimee - May 5

I have never heard of not sleeping on your back, i did most of my pregnancy!



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