Is It Just Me Or Are There Alot Of Misinformed Youth On This Board

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Sarah - July 31

I just came from a message board where girls were insisting that peeing "cleaned you out" if you had unprotected s_x. It makes me want to scream!!! Anybody feeling me here?


lex - July 2

I know what u mean i was 17 when i had my son whos now nearly 3 and im 5 weeks pregnant but i was always clued up. it so sad that these girls don't know anything, but some of the women on here should stop taking the p__s the other day there was a 12 year old girl who throught she was pregnant through spit and they were laughing hopefully this site can clue them up a bit


simone - July 2

I do feel sorry for the young girls who are so clueless, as it is the responsibilty of their parents to inform them of pregnancy how it occurs, how to prevent it, and even more so not to have s_x as your body is special and should only be given to someone who is special to you when you are old enough and have experienced life. My daughter is nine and we talk about everything and anything she wants to. I think sympathy is needed for these girls, for not having the support that they should be having.


sad - July 5

I think a lot of this answers are coming from children who don't have a clue. I think this serious guestions shouldn't be ask here. They are not getting correct answers. And yes, I think 8, 12, to 18 are children. shouldn't be having s_x. Yes, s_x can cause a baby.


felicia - July 5

i know exactly why you mean. i found this website a while ago while doing research on teens and pregnancy...all the girls answered my questions by not even knowing the answerrs to their own questions!!i ams hocked at how mnay girls there are not even 13 yet, that are on here saying they have s_x, when they dont even know how anything works or whatever. it makes me so sad for them, and at the same time, all i wana do is yell at them and tlel them what a stupid thing having s_x at that gae is!


LH - July 5

I feel you! They just need some education or they are looking for attention!!!


luka - July 6

i may be ony 17 years old but i do know a lot of things about pregnancy. i am actaully two months pregnant right now. when i found out, the first thing that i did was go to my doctor. i asked him things that i didn't know and he told me. it helped me a lot.


SC - July 21

I know these girls have some of the most outrageous questions which could be answered by your own common sense. it is beyond me where they get this info from. I know i paid attention in school what happened to education these days? I am 19 married and having my first child which is a surprise considering i was on the pill and used a condom. i am ready for my son and have been for 35 weeks now.


Jen - July 21

I agree with everyone's comments. The misinformed young ladies are just as bad as the woman who posted a comment asking "why her baby was ugly". This is a site that should be helpful and not treated as a joke.


sarah - July 22

although I do agree, there are a tonne of stupid questions on here, sometimes these young girls don't have anyone to turn to. Imagine yourself at 13, knowing full well that you could not talk to your parents, or get a straigh answer from anyone around you, wouldn't you go looking somewhere else? I remember when I was 12 and I wasn't getting my period I was convinced that I was getting monthly nosebleeds instead... I laugh so hard when I think of how stupid that is now, but I honestly didn't have a clue. So as stupid as some of these questions are, maybe we should lend a hand and give them the facts. These girls need to know.


Shocked - July 22

Well, I agree that the girls do need somene to turn to...HOWEVER...what in the hell are they doing having s_x at 11 and 12 years old? Even the 15 year old girls that come on this board make me want to scream. I swear if I am having a girl...she is NEVER leaving the house....especially if I let the father ready all of this lol.


cakes - July 31

I can't believe that there are children on here that are 11, 12,13 claiming to be s_xually active!!! I became s_xually active at 16 and i think that was way too early, being that young you have no clue what is going on, when you have s_x that young there are no feelings of affection involved-just being h__y


Anonny - July 31

Yes i know what you mean, they have alot to learn. Its lack of s_x education i think. Ive seen the questions on the board and it upsets me that they dont know this stuff. If they think there clever enough to have s_x they should read and learn about it all first.


brucen - July 31

There's nothing clever about having s_x or even knowing how its done-- just watch tv.


md - July 31

for one thing i'm 17 and i'm pregnant...and i'm scared to death about it....i didn't know all that much when i first found out and it makes you a bit paranoid......don't make fun of them like they are retarded if they are just trying to find things out


md - July 31

thx cakes



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