Is It Morning Sickness

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Ode To Joy - October 4

Hello to everyone! This will be a rather long post, and I apologize in advance. I am in need of a little moral support. I'm 32 years old, and think I might be pregnant. I will preface my current concerns with a brief history -- so that it will be understood that nothing psychosomatic is happening here. In 1996, I had an ectopic pregnancy. After the heartache, surgery, and years trying to conceive again, I gave up, then entered into mental acceptance that having children was not going to be a part of my life. I changed direction. Focused on my career, pets, and loving partner. In fact, wherever we go, we often comment on how lucky we are not to be strapped down with kids. I had no symptoms of pregnancy at that time. No morning sickness, no br___t soreness, etc. I only found out I was pregnant when it became an emergency. After the ectopic pregnancy, I spent seven years normalizing my periods. They became absent, and I'd have one to two periods per year. Luckily, after time, they normalized again, and for the past four years, have been like clock-work. I assumed that during the seven years without ovulation and periods, permanent, irreversible damage had been done to my ovaries. I thought conception was an impossibility. Enter three weeks ago... On September 4, my period ended. On September 14 (A Friday), my partner and I had unprotected s_x three we often do. We both travel a lot with our jobs, which makes keeping track of our dates of intimacy an easy task. On Tuesday, September 18, I started to feel nauseas, which I chalked up to just being the flu. It is now October 4, and the nausea has become a constant, along with occasional vomiting. My br___ts are sore, I'm light-headed, and emotional as all h__l...and my calves ache. The sickness lasts the entire day, and when I don't vomit, I feel like I'm going to. I have almost constant heartburn, outrageous gas, and everything I eat feels like it's sitting in my throat waiting to be expelled. The sight of certain liquidy kitchen substances makes me toss my cookies. I have never felt this way in my entire life. Until a few days ago, after I couldn't shake what I was feeling, I never even thought to suspect pregnancy. Now, I believe that pregnancy may be the only cause of all of this. I took two home pregnancy tests yesterday. Both were negative. Of course, it might be too soon to tell, or I might end up going for a blood test. Has this same scenario, or something similar, happened to anyone else? When did you know for sure whether you were or weren't pregnant? I'm kind of scared. I'm terrified of going through another ectopic pregnancy. It was one of the most heartbreaking experiences of my life. If I am experiencing an actual viable pregnancy this time, although unplanned, I certainly do welcome it. Could I be dealing with morning sickness? Thanks so much for reading, and for any advice you can offer.


another Karen - October 4

Hello, you could very well be pregnant. I've read a tew post on here that suggest you can be and read a negative result. I reckon go the blood test or wait and retest in a few days. I'd doubt you could hardly wait though. Get some calcium into you, apparently a lack of it will cause cramps in the calves. Your symptoms definately sound typical of pregnancy. Best of luck hey. I'm 32 and onto my 2nd pregnancy. Our first was a total surprise, just as we're enjoying a childless life cruising about on a motorbike dragging a little trailer with all the camping and fishing gear. Ah well, it's a different, new life. Your priorities change so much and so does what you value.


Melislookinforanswers - October 4

they sound a lot like pregnancy symptoms, keep us posted on what happens! good luck to you! *babydust*


singlem0m - October 4

Definitely sounds like you could be pregnant. I'm not sure what tests you used but I recommend First Response. Keep us posted!



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