Is It My Son S Baby

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Patrice - June 30

My son had s_x with a young lady on April 30th, 2004, she says her last period started on april the 11th and ended on the 16th of april. She had s_x with another young man on the 16th as well! She is now saying that she is pregnant with twins and that they are my son's babies! She claims to be 10 wks already, as of 06/23/04. Is it possible she is telling the truth? Or do we need to be concerned? Could the kids be the other guys as well? She says not!


Shelly - June 24

Anything is possible. Have a DNA test done. It's the only way to know for sure. Good luck. In the meantime just be supportive and if they are your grandchildren have lots of fun with them.


Melissa - June 24

If she had s_x the same day her period ended, then I doubt very highly that her babies are the young man's she had intercourse with on that day, the 16th. Having s_x with your son on the 30th, I would say that the babies are his because ovulation usually occurs around 14 days from the last day of the menstrual cycle. It does add up in that sense. Now, in order to have twins, she had to have ovulated twice. Usually, within 24 hours after the first egg is released, the second one will be released. Unless, of course, they are identical and there was only one egg. Anyway, I would have her do a DNA test to know for sure. It is good to know FOR SURE in a situation like this. Good luck and I hope the babies are born healthy and have lots of love. I would love to have twins myself. Isn't it ironic?!


mjs - June 25

I concur with Melissa. I would say the 16th would be way to early in her cycle to have conceived. Keep in mind sperm lives for up to 72 hours so if she did ovulate twice with in 24 hours there could still have been live sperm in there to fertilize more than one egg for her to be pregnant with twins that are not identical. The DNA test is the only for sure method, but if you believe she is not lying on the timing and that she didn't sleep with anyone else that month, I would say they are your grandkids... Oh yeah, if she is quoting 10 weeks to you with the first day of her last period she is correct, she would be in the middle of her 10th week right now and starting her 11th week on Sunday. Her weeks start on the first day of her last period. Good luck..


Val - June 26

It is more likely that the children are your sons than the other persons although anything is possible. You will just have to wait and see.


Rebecca - June 27

I abree with the other girls that say it is more likely to be your son's babies. Twins alot of the time are usually genetic...any twins in your family?


Lindsay - June 30

Could be possible that your son is or the other guy is... they need to take a test(the two guys) to find out who is the father, you can do so while the girl is pregnant. Talk to your doctor about getting a test done to see who the father is before the baby is born.



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