Is It Normal To Be Doubled Over

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Narcissus - August 26

This is my second period since my c-section 5 months ago. It is day 2 and I am still doubled over in pain from the cramps, which feel similar to when I was in labor. For those of you who have had c-sections - was your period more painful after the surgery? Did it ever go back to being just a nuisance and not debilitating? Is there a medical reason for why I am in so much pain? DH said to go to the doctor but I do not know what they can do for me... Thanks.


Narcissus - August 26

Please help... I cant get a hold of my former OB/GYN and my doctor has not called me back yet. Has anyone had labor-like pains with their first periods following a c-section? I am miserable.


Tigerphoenix - August 26

My sister had pains all the time after her c-sections (she had three). Make sure you go to a doctor about this! She had the pains for years, was put on medications, and then after her last child finaly found out why she was in so much pain. I wound up because of the c/s she had that scar tissue had formed binding her uterus to her stomach and that was causing most of her pain. She also had some cysts. Please make sure you get ahold of a doctor. I would hate for you to go through what she did.


Shelly, - August 26

Sorry i cant help you,you know i just had my c/s 17 days ago so i really dont know. I think its different for every woman though, yesterday i was on a thread about how long we bled after delivery,several had it as long as 6 weeks incl one that had a c/s aswell,i only bled heavy the first week,second week was light and now i'm just spotting,i am using pantyliners since its hardly anything.Cant you take some tylenol or something else to relieve the pain? With my pre-preggo periods i would have sometimes heavy cramping and i know its summer,but hot tea always helped me.Hope you feel better.How is baby doing today?


Shelly - August 26

Also if the pain is that bad i would make sure you see a doctor soon,second thought,since baby had that MRI,you may just be really stressed and that (combined with period) can give you bad cramps too!!!But you know how you feel and its always a good idea to get some medical attention.


Narcissus - August 26

Thanks. They finally called me back. She said it was normal to have labor like pains for the first few periods due to the scar tissue. She said the cramps can be intense and "crazy" horrible. I had to breathe through a few of them b/c they felt like labor pains again. I could not talk through them and that frightened me. I am taking ibuprofen but it is not helping. There is not much I can do except hope that his gets better with each period. She said if it does not lessen in 2 months, to schedule a visit. Thanks ladies:)


to narcissus - August 26

Ibprobhin has never helped my cramps as well as midol, try taking that and if it doesn't help the way it should take some advil on top of it.


Narcissus - August 26

I have always wondered what Midol is. I think I will check it out. Thanks:) Shelly, Aja is 100% today. Thanks for the concern.


Narcissus - August 26

EXACTLY! Death felt around the corner, lol. Really, I had to breathe like it was true labor and thought this could not possibly be normal. I was worried it had something to do with my placental abruption. I have never been one to complain about my period as it has never bothered me. I could only walk hunched over like yone does following the actual surgery. I am feeling a bit better, actually. I think by tomorrow it should feel like it always has.



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