Is It Normal To Wait 8 Wks Until The Fist Dr Appt

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Chris - June 20

I'm around 5 weeks and took three tests that all came out positive. My drs office said they want to wait to see me until I am 8 wks cause at this point the doctor can only see the sac, but they're won't be anything in it for him to see. Is this normal?


BBK - June 20

If you're not a high risk pregnancy some doctors wait till they can do an u/s, but some may call you in immediately so they can do blood tests etc. Just different schools of thought... don't worry about it.


Christine - June 20

This will be my first, so i'm not considered high risk. It will just calm me down a bit once I talk to the doctor and confirm everything so far is o.k.


BBK - June 20

Well, you can't really tell much at 5 weeks, maybe the presense of a sac.... He can confirm HcG in the bloodstream and test you for STD's other infections, blood RH, etc. But he can do all this at 8 weeks without any issues. If you experience anything out of the ordinary be sure to call them right away. Good luck


J - June 20

Yes, this is totally normal, but I had the same concern when they pushed me off until 9 wks. If they see you now, they'll only confirm you're preg. But at 8 or 9 weeks they can do a v____al ultrasound and see the baby.


Julz - June 20

I am 8 wks today, and my doctor wouldn't schedule my appt until I was 8 wks either. I go to the doctor's in 2 days. I'm pretty sure 8 wks is typically the norm, so I wouldn't worry about anything.


monica - June 20

the doctor I was seeing would not see me until 10 weeks. I did have to take a blood test to confirm the pregnancy before my first appointment. And at 10 weeks if they can hear the heartbeat thru a doppler and all seems fine you dont get an ultra sound until 20 weeks


Beth S - June 20

i didnt see my doc until 8 weeks either. apparantly they want to wait to make sure the pregnancy is going to keep



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