Is It Ok And Ethical To Send Out The Web Link To The Family

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Sarah - July 28

Hello! Please I need your help. I just made a baby gift registry list in a very popular site, and I'm planning to send 14 cute looking pregnancy announcement cards to my relatives and 3 of my friends. I would like to send them the weblink to the gift wish list, and the link to my guessing pool, but I feel a little shy because they might feel uncomfortable, or obligated? I did it for fun, and I'm so excited 'cause its our first baby. My husband says its up to me,but he's not quite sure upon it. What do you think I should do? Should I write down a little note on the cards saying anything so they don't feel obligated? Please, help meeee, I want to read to a lot of responses. Did it happen to you?Thanks. By the way, I'm 19 weeks, due DEC. 19. (23y/o.)


lilmum - July 28

honestly, i would wait a few months and send out the link with invites to your baby shower! That way it's totally expected of you and people know what you actually want. just my opinion :P


kellie - July 28

Yeah, I agree. Put it in the invites to the baby shower. =) - July 28

You could send the link and just explain the way you explained to us. "I thought this was really neat" or I'm so excited about the baby I was checking out this online store and you should see all the cute and neat things they have. I would say if I were in their shoes I wouldn't have "bad thoughts" against anyone who sent that to me. But i also agree with the others about putting the link in the shower invites. I think writing "dont feel obligated" makes them feel MORe obligated. lol


Julie - July 28

When I had my shower for wedding and baby shower in the invitation my girlfriends included cards from the stores and websites so that I wasn't personally sending them out. I think it makes you look better if someone else is doing the sending. Good luck.


Well - July 28

Technically, Miss Manners would say it WAS ok because a friend is supposed to be throwing your shower anyway. Now if you could care less what Miss Manners has to say, you can throw your own shower and include the link and list where you are registered. Who cares anyway these people are your friends and family and probably know your heart and intentions are pure. :)


Tanyav - July 29

I would not send the link with your pregnancy announcement. That just sounds like your expecting something. Just wait until your shower.


-m - July 29

I agree, send the links out with the shower invites. If you'd like people to know where you're registered before then, do what I did, I told a few of my family members and friends and they spread the word around.


E - July 29

You send the registry locations when the shower announcements go out, and not a day sooner:) Anything else is likely to draw criticism, b/c we all know how petty people like to be.


KrisD - July 29

I'd say wait for the shower... Besides, it is still quite early. Unless you have some friends spread the word as -m suggested... But if your friends/family are anything like me, they would wait till there was an actual shower to buy a gift anyway.


Lynn - July 29

I would let your mom know about the wish list but don't send announcements out until the shower invitations. If anyone is even thinking baout buying a gift before the shower, they will most likely call your mom/sister to ask what you need. Then your mom can just say Oh she has registered at blah blah blah...


Sarah - July 29

Thank you girls ,so so much! But I have a few things I forgot to say. #1, I can't celebrate a baby shower because I just moved up to FL from the Caribbean. My family is down there. His family is in Africa, not joking! LOL. My closest relatives are 3 hours away driving from me, which are only 3 members. My uncle, his wife, and my cousin. I am not working, just go to college once a week, and I haven't met a lot of friends. Just one friend I keep in touch with from there through email because college is 2 hours away from where I live. My 2 best friends are from back home. I was thinking maybe I could wait and send out the pregnancy announcement cards , like how many weeks or months before Dec. 19 ?????? Also, I do not necessarily need to put the gift registry link there. What I can do is, put the link to my pregnancy journal, just if they want to check it out. Now, once they get to my pregnancy journal, they can see a link to it. What do you girls think about that? Please heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp !!! I can throw a little baby shower with you all, though! LOL Just kidding. Help , please! I don't want my family to feel uncomfortable. I mean, I don't want them to think I expect something. Perhaps, I could not put the link at all, but I know some people do gift registries, and is not a bad idea, right? I just don't know how to manage the situation. I want to hear more opinions. Best Regards!


E - July 29

You could lie and say a few people have inquired about what you need, so you made a gift registry for those that are interested, in your pregnancy journal. Nobody would know that was not the truth, although people will ask you at some point. I totally know where you are coming from. We moved and had no family/good friends near us, and we recieved thousands in gifts and money, without registering. Had I known people were going to be so generous, I would have registered online. It was so much fun to get packages every week!!


Sarah - July 29

Thanks E! Any other girls who would like to share anything regarding to this?


Beth - July 29

I agree with the other ladies. You should print off a small card with the link, and include it in the invitation. but for those you may invite who don't have internet access, you may want to register at a store so people can go there, also. Also for those people who wait until the last minute to get a gift. :)


Ranya - July 30

Will members of his family be coming from Africa to attend the birth? If not, maybe they won't be able to buy items from your registry and ship them over. Are there any cultural differences you are aware of? Maybe they'll ask your husband what the baby needs. I'm from Egypt and gift registries only just became "ok" among the less traditional portion of the population, they're still considered "pretentious" among many. I would go with what hubby says.



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