Is It Okay To Drink Soda While Pregnant

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VERO - December 28



Lisa - December 28

Yes, it is recommended no more than 2-3 cans per day.


Been There - December 28

Yes, and try for no caffeine in the soda, if possible. That's one of the main reasons soda and coffee have to be limited. I've actually read Coke can be good for nausea. Just watch the intake.


Dawn C - December 28

I drank 2-3 a day. My guy is 10wks and ?I b___st feed and he is great


g - December 28

I have a question about the sugar in the soda. If you drink 2 or more a day can that bring up your sugar? I mean i ate cherry rolls along with caffeine free soda oh i also ate frosted flakes and i am hoping it was the foods and not the soda that brought my levels up.. What about caffine free/diet ones??


Lisa - December 28

Diet has less sugar but is also has artifical sweetner, which in my opinion is worse then the added sugar. I personally stay away from all calorie reduced items, things with artifical sweetner and things like that. Atleast with sugar/glucose/fructose you know it is refined sugar and what you are getting basically. I think it's better to stay away from the Diet Sodas.


coxm3 - December 28

I drank a coke a day when I was pregnant. It was like my treat to myself. However, it was not EVERY day of my pregnancy. I did drink caffeine free diet cokes also. My dd is 3 and fine. Just us common sense and moderation! Congrats on the baby!


kc - December 29

I would watch the intake. You can drink in moderation. Try to stay away from caffienated beverages. Too much caffeine can cause heart problems and may even be linked to adhd in older children. Stay away from diet sodas. The sweetners can cause birth defects. And all sodas are high in sodium which can add to the problem of swelling if you have that problem during pregnancy. I always take the safe route. No sodas, coffee, or tea. I strickly only drink, water, milk and juice. But then I have a history of miscarrages so I tend to be over causious. Just use your best judgement.


JennyC - December 29

I doubt the soda's going to help your physical health, but it might be worth it for your mental health! I'm trying to limit the sodas to only a few per week and always caffine free. They are chock full of useless sugar (I'm also trying to avoid aspartame in diet drinks), and i've heard they can leach calcium from your body, which is already a problem when you're prego. But like everyone else said: everything in moderation!


F - December 29

You can, but try to avoid ASPARTAME that it's all diet sodas.


Jbear - December 29

I drank a lot of diet soda during both of my pregnancies, usually 2 liters a day. I'm not recommending it to doctor told me to stop drinking it and start drinking plain water, not juice or tea, instead. I tried, but every time I would go a day without it I would get a migraine so bad I couldn't get out of bed that day (caffeine withdrawal, I think). Some diet sodas are sweetened with splenda now, if you're trying to avoid aspartame.


tina - December 29

I don't think 2 to 3 cans a day wouldn't hurt.I know what "jbear" is talking about if I go more then two day without pop or some forum of caffeine i get a headache.Water is best and I herd it all before about how much some people hate it.They sell flavored water by the litter at walmart.You could by a brita filitering pitcher and keep it very cold.I can not stand room tempature drinks but I can suck down ice ice ice cold water.I even crave it sometimes.


Prego - December 29

I am 15 weeks pregnant and completely avoided soda during my first trimester however I started to crave the carbonation. My doctor informed me that soda is fine as long as you don't go overboard. Caffeine free is best of course, try sprite or root beer. I've found that seltzer is the most satisfying to me and healthy too.


joan - December 29

yes, I am drinking a soda right now. Just limit the caffeine.


krissy - December 29

rule of thumb is usually no more than 24oz of caffine a day be in in soda or whatever else....good luck and congrats!


b - December 29



Michelle - December 29

is it true that 7up and Sprite are caffeine free sodas???



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