Is It Okay To Fly

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Jackie - July 9

Just wondering if it's okay to fly while 19 weeks pregnant. My fiance and I are getting married there next weekend and the thought just ran across my mind.


Jackie - July 9

Sorry, we are flying to Vegas this weekend to get married.


dani - July 9

Jackie, yes your fine to fly as long as your pregnancy isn't at high risk for anything. I'm actually going to be flying too when I'm 19-20 weeks pregnant, and my dr said it was ok...


belle - July 9

The second trimester is the best time to fly! Congrats on getting married and the baby as well! Good luck!


Beccah - July 9

What if you're in your third trimester? Can you fly? My son is due in Dec. and my husband wants us to fly to Virginia to visit family. I need a good reason to tell him I won't be flying at 37 weeks!


Farida - July 9

Hi Beccah I can tell you what my doc said. No flying after 30 week. Additionally the airlines would not let you on the airplane at 37 weeks. If you are showing you need a doctors note or the airline might refuse you service. They still can even with a doctor's note and you are over a certain number of weeks. You would need to call the airline to find out what their policy is.


Jamie - July 9

Beccah - most airlines won't let you fly past 36 weeks. My doctor specifically said no flying after 32 weeks - my job was trying to force me to make a 14 hour flight @ 33 weeks - doc said "Patient should not fly at this point in pregnancy, as such flight could result in spontaneous abortion and/or death of patient" - now, I have other issues going on with me that you may not have...but I certainly would NOT recommend flying at 37 weeks.


s - July 9

you can fly until the 34 week and if you're not a high risk pregnancy.


E - July 9

Jamie, that is awful that they would even consider you for flying so late in your pregnancy. I was so uncomfortable at 33 weeks and can't imagine flying for so many hours.


shelly - July 9

I flew at 35 weeks to vegas and was fine


Beccah - July 9

Thanks guys. Sounds like something I need to discuss with my doctor down the line. I'm pretty sure at 37 weeks, I'm going to be going to the Dr. like every week anyway. I don't want to go into labor in a strange town!


Jodie - July 9

You sure can...I just flew and I am 15 weeks. You just donot want to fly to close to your due the last month or two.


Jamie - July 9

Yeah, E - I had made the same flight just a few weeks earlier, and was miserable. Fortunately, my doctor was kind enough to word his recommendation in such a way that had it been ignored, it would've been grounds for a ma__sive lawsuit - which no one wants in this day and age.



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