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Cierah - September 1

I am wanting to know if ovulation begins 12-14 days after the 1st day of your period OR 12-14 days before your period. There is alot of difference between the two and some people say after and some say before. My period comes a few days early or late. So how can I really tell?? Also do ALL women ovulate at the same time as in 12-14 days before or after their cycle>??


Nan - September 1

I believe the answer you are looking for is that you are most fertile about 2 weeks before you are scheduled to get your menses. You do not always release an egg, You ovulate approximatly the same time every month as long as you are talking in terms of your cycle.


Shea - September 1

Every womans cycle is different, but most women ovulate 12-14 days AFTER the start of you period. When TTC you should try to have s_x the 5 days leading up to ovulating NOT the days following. Once you ovulate the egg is only good for 24 hours at best, and sperm can live inside a womans body for up to five days giving you a better chance to get pregnant than trying the day of ovulation. Hope I could help!


Cierah - September 1

This is what you are telling me and please respond if I am correct. Example~~ start on the 1st 12-14 days later is when I am expected to ovulate?? Correct or not??


Cierah - September 1

Execuse me! Patiently waiting for an answer!! Thanks


Crystal - September 1

Cierah that is what I did & I got pregnant. Therefore, I believe this to be correct. Good luck.


Cierah - September 1

Thank you!!!!!!!1 I appreciate the support!!! :)


adelia - September 1

Most women ovulate 12-14 days after they start their period (if you are on about a 28 day cycle) Some women have longer cycles and ovulate around 18-20 days after they started their last period. but all women after they ovulate will start again about 14 days after ovulation. Always start counting your cycle with the first day of your period...hope this helps


Viv - September 1

There's some misinformation going on here. Ovulation is what triggers menses 14 days later. Count back from your expected period. The 14 days after works only for women with a 28 day regular cycle. If your period comes early and late, then you will have to increase the number of days in the window accordingly. Learn to watch the other signs. Check for slippery raw egg-white v____al mucus and feel for your cervix, which is low and firm most of the time, but it goes Soft, High, Open and Wet (SHOW) around ovulation. Still not sure? Buy a First Response or other ovulation testing kit ($30 for 5). No contraceptive method other than abstinence is 100%. Use a condom plus one other method to be sure



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