Is It Possible That Im Pregnant

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shortyluvsfred05 - September 20

My period is 18 days late.I took a test 3 days ago and it says negative...But I still havent got my period.And today,I went to the bathroom and I had a little spot of blood in my underwear but thats it,still no period..Is it possible that I am pregnant??


Grandpa Viv - September 20

A negative test when two weeks late reduces the chance of pregnancy considerably, especially since you have no list of early signs to report. Your spotting today might be from ovulation this cycle, having skipped last cycle. Good luck!


damaj31 - September 21

im in the same position. i am about three weeks late for my period. the beginning of august was when i had my last period, and i had s_x a few days after it went off. about a week or so later i had a little spotting, brownish in color, but it stopped after one day. then about a week or two after that i had brownish spotting for about 5 days, then it stopped right before my period was expected to come on. i havent had anything since. I dont have any real symptoms, except for bloating and extreme gas,, but that could be anything. i also have pcos so that could be something to consider. im just really getting annoyed with not knowing whats going on. i wouldn't mind being pregnant, but i would just like to find out. every test has come up negative as of this monday.


sashasmama - September 21

Having done a pregnancy test 2 weeks after your period was supposed to start and it coming up negative probably means that you are not pregnant, since your pregnancy would be about 4 weeks along from conception if you indeed concieved, and you would for sure get a dark positive. Have you retested with another brand? Stress is a big cause for late/skipped periods...also such conditions as PCOS, sometimes when you really want to be pregnant or are very afraid to get pregnant you might skip/have a late period, travelling, getting off birth control, poor diet...I suggest you do another hpt, just in case.


shortyluvsfred05 - September 22

I know that,but my best friend was 3 months pregnant and her tests were coming up negative..And I have had some symptoms..Ive been going to the bathroom way more than usual,Im eating all the time,sometimes I feel nautious,especially in the morning,and my nipples hurt..


Grandpa Viv - September 22

Shorty, like you say, a few women do not get a positive in the normal time frame. You have some interesting signs. Test at weekly intervals using first morning pee until you miss a second period, then call the doctor. Good luck!


Tory1980 - September 23

Against the norm my aunt was delivering her baby and tests were still coming up negative! The Doctor did tests as she didn't have her period for five months and all the home tests were coming up negative - including ones done at the Doctors. It was only when they scanned her that they found out she was pregnant. Granted she was an extreme case and we still laugh at her now over it - how could she not know having three children before! However, not everyone will get a positive within a specific timeframe. Even with this pregnancy I bought three different tests. Two were positive and one kept showing negative - even after scans had proven I was pregnant. Some brands just work for different people. If your AF hasn't shown in the next week see your Doctor who can hopefully do a blood test for you.



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