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christina - November 28

Hi I'm about 34 weeks pregnant. First of all i have a big problem. My ex bf doesn't think he's the father because he says i cheated on him. I did cheat but i have never actually admitted it to him. Anyways i was having s_x with both the guy and my ex. Now that I'm pregnant I don't know who the father is but i tell everybody that it's my ex's baby because i don't want ppl knowing i cheated. I can remember the date that i first had s_x with the other guy(April 7) because after that we didn't do it again for another 2 months. The problem is that i couldn't remember the first day of my last period in april but i know i had it in april after april 7. But judging by the due date my dr gave me (jan. 5) i was pregnant when i had my period in april because i know i got it at the end. He calculated the due date based on the baby's measurements. and if my due date is jan 5 then conception was april 14. Since im sure i didnt have s_x with the other guy on this date then it must be my ex's baby. BUT i don't remember if i did have s_x with my ex on this date. But let's say i did get pregnant by the other guy on april 7, then my due date would be dec 29. and it's possible the dr could be off even if he did base the due date on measurements right? BUT then that leads me 2 my real question. When me and the other guy had s_x that day, he never came because we didnt finish. But his u-know-wut was all the way inside. Is it possible that i did get pregnant by him from his "pre-c_m" I hope someone can help me with this because i'm very worried about this. This is my email if someone would like 2 talk to me personally. [email protected] PLEASE HELP


Jenny - November 28

Yes, you could have gotten pregnant by his pre-c_m.


Kim - November 28

Yeah it is possible to get pregnant by his pre c_m, and it is possible to still have your period after you got pregnant. But the thing to be concerned about is, telling everyone the truth. Its only fair to your child that he/she knows the truth! Don't take a father away from him because of something you did. Espeically if the other guy is his father. The ex needs to know as well he is the ex, and he already believes you did it, so you might as well tell the truth, what do you have to loose since he's already the ex? God forbid if something happens to your child and needs a donor, and you dont have what he/she needs, and the father does! The best thing to do is just to simply tell the truth atleast for the real fathers sake and the child.


lilmama - November 28

Sounds to me that it is more likley your ex's baby, but it is possible that it could be the other guys to, the only way to find out for sure is to have a dna test after the baby is born. And like Kim said, you really have nothing to loose by telling him except pride, you are not together anymore. Does the other guy know it could be his or even that you are pregnant? If so, you may not even have to tell your ex if you are too scared, you could just take a dna test with the other guy and this would answer all of your questions, if it is not his baby, it is your ex's unless there was another guy in the picture during this time. Good luck with all of this, I know it must be pretty stressful on you.



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