Is It Possible To Hurt Your Baby From Sleeping

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Trish - August 10

Sorry this is probably a stupid question, but is it possible to smash your baby and make him deformed from sleeping?? Sometimes when I wake up I am half way on my stomach and I feel like I am smashing him, is that even possible??


leslie - August 10

I always wonder the same thing! somehow I end half way in my stomach and I feel bad, even if I feel so comfortable I feel like I am squishing him, I am 32 weeks so I know he is kind of big now and maybe even running out of space and then mommy comes and squishes him! I feel so bad! I can't wait to not be pregnant to sleep on my belly like I used to! its the best position!!


k - August 10

I don't know but I would like to know also cause that is a concern of mine when I am sleeping and wake up in the middle of the night.


Michelle - August 10 cannot do any harm to them. There is so much padding between the amnotic fluid and any fat you might have that they are well protected. Try sleeping with lots of will be the only thing to work and help you not feel any guilt about moving around and laying on your stomach somewhat.


Lindsay - August 10

It helps if you put some of your blanket or a pillow under part of your stomach. I get really bad nausea laying on my back, so I have to sleep on my side, and my OB said it was perfectly fine and to try the pillow/blanket under the belly. It keeps me from squishing my daughter and I sleep SO much better.


miranda - August 10

Michelle is right, there's not way you could hurt the baby even if you slept on your stomach, although I can't imagine that would be very comfortable! The amniotic fluid is so perfectly designed to keep a perfect balance of pressure inside the uterus, that all the baby would feel is gentle pressure.


Trish - August 11

Okay thanks guys for your answers it puts my mind at ease. I know it sounds silly but I just worry about every little thing



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