Is It Possible To Still Be Pregnant

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Sophia - December 19

I'm confused, please help. I began my new set of pills for the month last Saturday, forgot to take on Monday and Tuesday, remembered on Wednesday, forgot Thursday and Friday. I had unprotected s_x on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I started to bleed again on Saturday, is it possible to still be pregnant? Please help, I'm confused. If I am pregnant, how come I began bleeding?


Ashley - December 19

You had s_x three times - and forgot the pill four times? Do you drink? Alot?!? Jesus, if you're not pregnant, you're certainly asking for it. Take your d__n pills. Put them beside your toothbrush so you see them every day. I do hope having s_x doesn't interfere with toothbrushing.


kate - December 19

Thank you Ashley !!!!!!! So true... TO Sophia, gee girl get a pg test and if it is negative get on the depo shot. But honestly - If that did not get you pg, than I dont know what will. And maybe consider looking up the work RESPONSIBILITY its right above STDs


To Sophia - December 19

Like what they said, just buy a HPT and test yourself. As for the other comments, don't mind them. Some people do give mean and rude comments when all you want is help. On behalf of Ashley and Kate, I apologize for the unwanted rude remarks. I think there's a nicer way to say be more responsible and try not to forget to take your pills. Women come here to seek for help and advice. I don't know why women give such rude comments. Maybe it's the hormones or something.


It's Okay - December 19

Sophia, Unless you have the world's fastest ovulating cycle, it's very doubtful you're pregnant. Just relax and wait for your period. If it's two weeks late, then take a test. Don't panic until you absolutely must. Remember, the pill isn't full proof. I once got pregnant because I forgot a couple of times. It's only human and doesn't make you irresponsible. It's definitely a lesson you'll learn from and I'm sure if you make it past this, you won't forget again. Good luck.


Kristina - December 19

just cause she had s_x 3 times doesn't mean you should start lecturing her on "stds". How do you know the person she slept with isn't the same guy she has been with for years?


jeepers - December 19

if you forget your bc that many times are you an old lady?maybe you need to get on memory lost pills!ask your doctor,maybe your bleeding cuz you got a nasty infection.


my man - December 19

told me to tell you if you take a needle and thread and sew your coochie up you wont have to worry about it.


Had It - December 20

Maybe Jeepers and My Man should grow up and find another board to act stupid on. Who are you to judge? Two idiots wasting space and time!



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