Is It Real Or Just Me

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Paige - April 29

I was wondering if when your pregnant does you pee have a differetn smell to it ?


D - April 29

yup. :)


~S~ - April 29

Yes, a lot of woman find that their pee has a stronger odour. I find this with myself every now and then, mostly when I REALLY have to pee like Austin Powers. haha.


Yes!! - April 29

Like cereal


vanessa - April 29

I'm giggling right now thinking about how sweet my urine smelled this morning!! I thought maybe I was just not drinking enough water or something.... good to know this is "normal"!


**** - April 29

Mine smells like farts lol


fran - April 29

I have also noticed a different smell, but I know it wasn't farts!


Molly - April 29

Wouldn't there be something wrong if your pee smells like farts? I think that you should get that checked out, there might be something wrong with you!


mel - April 29

you all crack me up, thanks for the laugh! :o)


jb - April 29

i'm with you on that one Mel. I almost don't know what to say;o)


Amy - April 29

Not to be wierd or anything but what does your urine smell like? There are diseases a__sociated with different smelling urine. Just curious as to what is smells like?


Kakie - May 9

Wow. My urine has been smelling like cereal for a few weeks and I thought I was crazy for thinking that. I went off the pill about a month ago. Maybe I should buy a pregnancy test!


s - May 9

I don't know about farts, or sweet cereal.....sweet onions is more like it! lol.....I think it's the vitamins....Oh it's neon too!


vanessa - May 9

It's not a sicky smell... it's more like a sweet smell. Almost like it's concentrated pee - even if it's diluted with water. I've heard from other pregnant women that this is very normal. Something to do with the changes in our digestion and rise in hormones. Pee freely ladies!!!! ;)


**** - May 9

As I stated earlier mine does smell like farts! I must have a skunk down there!


LOL - May 9

Not trying to make lite of the situation but are any of you ladies eating the ceral SMACKS? My husband says it makes his pee smell sweet! I'm pg and my urine smells stronger but not sweet or like a fart! LOL


Jodie - May 10

lol **** maybe youre just farting while youre peeing, i dunno about you but im constantly farting



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