Is It Really That Bad Pregnancy In The Summer

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HannahBaby - April 29

I will be pregnant over the summer, im due in October. Everyone is telling me how bad its gona be to be pregnant over the summer. Is it all that true??


corinne - April 29

I had my daughter in the middle of july and it was so hot that i couldn't go out side. the air conditoner was my best friend.


Brittany - April 29

I was also due in October...of 2004. It wasn't AS bad as it's made out to be, just make sure you drink LOTS of water and eat well. I don't think I took good care of myself in those summer months, I was out in the heat too much and didn't drink enough water, I ended up having my son 6 weeks early. Good luck to you, just follow your drs. directions, also stay out of the heat.


Erynn21 - April 29

I keep getting that I'm due @ the end of Aug/labor day-ish, I have also gotten from a couple of women that it was great. Personally I really love summer and I am happy that I can wear as little as possible. One of my clients had her son @ the end of Sept. so she was pg all summer and said it was great because she could just wear 3 things bra, undies and a dress. I have a friend who had a baby last Aug. and she said it was fine, she also said it was better than being pg in the winter for her because she didn't have to wear 20 layers of clothes. I know I'm buying a b__w up pool for our yard and I live 2 min from a popular swimming hole, so i can stay cool. For me I think alot of ppl just want to tell you how miserable you'll be being pg in general, you know the saying misery loves company. Just stay cool, drink water and enjoy yourself. For me the biggest thing also is to have a good att_tude, and it's summer,everyone is going to be hot,duh....


Evonna - April 29

I think it'll be best to be pregnant during your hottest season and it's good that the baby will be born in October, then baby will get plenty of cool air.


Stace - April 29

I had my daughter sept 4th 1999 and while yes it was a hot summer and yes I was hot it didnt really make that much differece I dont think. I'm now due my second again in Sept and just figure take one day at a time. Do tend to agree with Erynn that some people just seem to enjoy telling you how awful it will be. I survived fine last time and will do this time. Take care


HannahBaby - April 29

i just heard that its easier to get preeclampsia in the summer, and i got it in the winter so im just scared y'know. Im going to bring this up with my dr but thats not until the end may


Stace - April 29

Ahhhh now I see your concern hun. I'm sorry to hear you had to deal with that. On a positive note the doctors will obviously be monitoring you very closely as a result of your past experience and they will take good care of you. Hope everything goes well.


Erin1979 - April 29

I had my dd at the end of August last year. I was SO swollen and hot all the time. I did not enjoy it, but I know several people who did not get swollen like me, and were fine!! Good luck with your pregnancy!


Janylatina - April 29

Hi everyone! I had my first baby on August 2004 and I spent the greatest summer of all, not only I was very comfortable in summer dresses, but everyone always gave me fruits and things to get stay cool... don't think of it as something that will be bothering you in the hot weather, but as an advantage because you wont have to wear that many clothes!! I can tell you that in my pregnancy, I felt very s_xy even though I didn't wear my bikini!! lol


electronicandy - April 30

oh my. With my daughter I was due september 27, ended up having her oct. 2... I've got to tell you, during the summer months, up until I had her, it was so hot I could not go outside. I used to set the air to 65 degrees just to stay comfortable. lol It's not horrible, but it WAS uncomfortable to say the least. I guess if you personally can handle the heat it's not such a big deal, but heat has always made me feel ill, so it was worse for me. Good luck!


iimsooflyx0 - April 30

im due at the end of august.. soo i know how ya feel!! ur tha biggest when its the hottest outside!! its gona suck but its all gona be worth it in the end.. and theres always next summer!


Alexi - April 30

i guess it also depends on where you live. Back home in Ohio, i saw my sisters preggers in the Summer, but it wasn't too hard on them. They just did things to stay cool. i live in NC now, and we've already had a couple heat waves that just made me miserable. i'm due in a month, so i'm uncomfortable regardless of the temperature! i keep fruity popsicles in the freezer and i try to run my errands in the evening when it's not as hot. Good luck, this Summer.... just stay out of the heat!


olivia - April 30

I had my daughter at the end of last August. I have to say our electric bill was quite high as I could not sleep or move without the AC on. I did not swim as much as I planned, and really hot days were pretty harsh, but all and all, it was a nice time to have a baby. I liked that when she was born she could wear a onesie and be comfortable instead of completely bundled up all the time her first month out. Good luck, there are tons of cute summer maternity clothes out there.


jas - April 30

I preferred to be pregnant in the summer (with my first) rather then winter (as with my second) mainly because where we have lived, it's been hot as he!!. While I was uncomfortable, I could live with it. My son? Forget the onsie - he will be more miserable while making you miserable because of the heat...


CKSAN - May 1

I had my son in Aug 1999. It was an EASY pregnancy. Yes it was hot, but I live in Atlanta, hot is expected. The good part is you can wear skirts and dresses, shorts, and sandals on your swollen feet. You won't have to buy new shoes, sandals will still fit even with the swelling.


Leahp - May 1

I thought it was a great pregnancy!!! I had my daughter Oct 1st this past fall, and even one of the docs at my prenatal visit said I picked a horrible time of year, but really it was great, the weather kept my mind off of the labor to come and I had plenty of bbq and friends to visit, since everyone is out and about during the summer, I just missed that great cold beer with a brawt. You do have more of a selection in outfits, I lived in those terrycloth strapless dresses all summer, I loved it! But just keep water close by at all times, you never want to get dehydrated!!



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