Is It Safe To Drink Coffee During Pregnancy

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Rach - February 3

Hi Just wondering whether anyone has completely cut down or cut out their caffeine intake during pregnancy. I don't drink too much coffee anyway but do like the odd cup. Not sure whether it's advisable to cut it out completely. Also I love chocolate, should I cut that out too?!


Leahp - February 3

Hi Rach, I am seven weeks and have cut down to one cup of coffee a day. It's still a great pick me up, plus it is advised not to go over 300mg of caffeine. Just moderation and they say the same for chocolate since it has caffeine as well, but milk chocolate has less, moderation as well! But I've known friends that eat it all the time because that's what they crave!!


Rachel - February 3

I usually drink one or two cups and have cut back to a half of a cup per day. Sometimes I drink a full cup.


tara - February 3

I miss the idea of having my morning coffee, but it just doesn't taset good any more :o( Rachel, the amount you are having is safe. But for more info you can check out the March Of Dimes website. it tells you have much Caffine is in coffee, tea, chocolate, and how much is safe to have while pregnant.


nica - February 5

Normally (pre-pregnancy, and for the first month of pregnancy before I found out!) I drink 8 cups of instant coffee a day. Bad, I know. :-( Now I know I am pregnant I drink 2 or 3 a day. I have heard 2 a day is acceptable. I am trying to cut down further, but it is difficult if you are sooo used to drinking so much coffee. I cant be a saint. But I have cut out alcohol altogether, and that is hard for me, but alcohol is worse than caffeine for the baby, so at least I am doing the right thing there.


Kitkat - February 6

Hi Rach, they say small doses (1-2 cups a day) is ok but if you can, cut it out completely. I used to have about 5-6 cup of tea (living in Ireland:) Now cut down to one every second day (+ occasional gla__s of coke). As for chocolate - I still have some (quite, actually:) but the amount of coffeine in it is much less. Kitkat


k - February 11

Whats wrong with drinking de-caff?! Never tried it before pregnancy but it tastes no different! It's only the caffine that can be a problem!


Tiffany - February 11

My doctors told me that 2 cups of a caffenated beverege a day was ok however if you can cut it out do so. I have problems with constipation when pregnant and coffe was the only thing that worked so I lived by my 2 cups every morning and my 2 boys are fine and I am sure that my expected little one will be too.


Rachel - February 11

I LOVED coffee. Now, I am 8 weeks pregnant, and I cant stand the smell of coffee at all. Now, I still love my chocolate. Earlier, i switched to decaf with no problem. Now all of it makes me nauseous.


Jess - February 12

Rachel- I loved my coffee too before I got pregnant and even before I got pregnant I had switched to decaf, liked it just as much. Now I am going on 8 weeks and rarely want to drink it and when I do I never feel real great after. And like you I love my choc. Wasn't a big fan before but now I have to have a smidgen every day!



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