Is It Safe To Take Seroquel While Pregnant

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Souxie86 - September 16

Hi I'm 23 years old and I'm 24 weeks pregnant. I have a history of bipolar disorder and I stopped taking my medication as soon as I found out I was pregnant (at about 4 or 5 weeks). I was taking 400mg of Valpro and 40mg of Citalopram a day but I was advised that those medications aren't safe to take during pregnancy so I stopped. Up until 3 weeks ago I was feeling fine and had no mood swings/anxiety or depression. But for the last 3 weeks my low mood has returned along with anxiety. I'm seeing a psychologist on a regular basis now and I saw my GP today. She prescribed me 25mg of Seroquel a day after consulting a psychiatrist and they both said that it was fine for me to take at this stage of pregnancy. I'm still hesitant about taking any medication during pregnancy and I'd prefer not to take anything unless I feel I absolutely need it. My GP said to see how I feel over the next couple of days and if there's no improvement, I should consider taking it. I asked about any effects it might have on the baby and she said it should be fine because everything is fully formed at this stage. Is there anyone out there who has taken Seroquel during pregnancy and if so what was your experience? I'd really like some advice before I make a decision. Thanks -L xoxoxo


lorrielocks - September 27

Hey I'm taking Seroquel while I'm pregnant actually. As far as I know seroquel is quite a new drug and it seems to be safe for the foetus. I'm hoping so anyway. After 12 weeks it's much safer to take medicines as the foetus is fully forms and just grows for the next 6 months. I hope this helps it's better that Mum's mood is good instead of low and stressed. I'd advise you to take the seroquel sure it's a very small dose. Good luck. Lor xoxo


Souxie86 - September 28

hey, i started taking seroquel about 6 days ago and it seems to have lifted to my mood a little and also eased my anxiety a little also. i went back to the doctor and she said to stay on the 25mg and come and see her again in a month. while the 25mg is helping a little, i still feel like it's not enough but for whatever reason she didnt increase the dose. just wondering, how many milligrams are you taking? if you don't mind me asking? -L xoxo


lorrielocks - September 28

Hey. I'm taking 300mg at night and was with my doctor last week she is not concerned about the dosage. As I said seroquel is a fairly new med and the newer meds have fewer side effects. They've tested seroquel on pregnant mice but no human testing so far. It will make baby sleep more and if you don't feel your baby move for a few days I wouldn't worry because they will be drowsy. I think if you need more your doctor should increase you 50mg/100mg. There are forums where people who take meds while pregnant discuss things. Just google seroquel and pregnancy and there are other discussion pages where people who've had babies discuss how there babies are while they took meds during pregnancy. Good luck. Lor xox


lorrielocks - October 9

hi again i was with my doctor again last week and she took me off seroquel cause she's not sure about what effect it will have on the baby. she told me there are only two medicines proven safe to take while pregnant one is called olazapine and is very expensive about ten euro per tablet or an older medicine called seronase or haloperidol so i am now on a small ten mg dose of olanzapine once a day plus five mg of folic acid. there have been no conclusive tests done on pregnant women on seroquel, i'm doing ok on the olazapine so please god baby and me will be ok. good luck and please discuss taking either of these medicines with you doctor. please let me know how you get on baby dust to you lor xxx


Souxie86 - October 10

hey again, thanks for the reply. i kept taking the 25mg but it really wasn't doing much and i didnt want to wait another month before seeing my doctor again. i increased it myself to 50mg coz 25mg was only a small dose anyway. i'm gonna see how i go on the 50mg and i'm seeing my doctor again in about 2 weeks. i've been reading other forums where women have been taking seroquel while pregnant with a dosage range of 50mg to 150mg and everything has been fine. of course it's better to take the medication after 12 weeks gestation when everything is fully formed. my doc said that seroquel is being used in pregnant women now because it is one of the safer medications available. i'm 27 weeks pregnant and i've had the 18-20 week ultrasound and everything was normal. i'm going to keep taking the seroquel because i was advised to by my GP a psychiatrist and a midwife so hopefully i'll start feeling better soon. when i found out i was pregnant i stopped taking the medications i was on because they were proven to cause birth defects and i was also put on 5mg of folic acid a day and everything with the last ultrasound was fine. best of luck with everything and let me know how you go with the new meds. -L xoxoxo


Souxie86 - October 10

you might find this website helpful. it's got heaps of info on medications during pregnancy. womensmentalhealth dot org


preggi - September 13

Hello there ladies:)at the time I fell pregnant I was on an cipromol,neurontin,seroquel and an anti total I was taking 3250mg of meds a day.I found out I was pregnant at 5 weeks.I took myself off of everything except seroquel.over the next 3 weeks I weened my self down from 300mg of seroquel a day to 100mg a day!I suffer with OCD,insomnia,obsessive compulsive personality disorder,temporal lobe epilepsy(no fits),slight schizophrenia,general anxiety disorder,panic disorder and boarder line personality disorder(a lot of stuff,I know:)) therefore coming off all my meds completely was not order for baby to be healthy mommy needs to feel healthy!I nearly miscarried at 5 and a half weeks from stress.but that's also because I went through with stopping my meds without a docs advice (always ask your doctor first!!!please ladies!) I am gng for a 12 week scan tomo to check for bridge of nose and down syndrome!ill be sure to let u ladies know how it goes...I know how stressful it can be!most importantly stay positive and relax!:) stress is worse than medication!till tomo:)



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