Is It Stress

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dany - September 8

i am 4 days late for my period. i am usually on time. i've took 2 pregnancy tests, one was 2 days after my missed period and the 2nd one 4 days after my missed period. is it too soon to tell. i used that first response test. or am i just delaying it because im stressing out? can someone give me some kind of advice?


Viv - September 8

Could be stress. Could be you didn't ovulate on schedule. Some women take weeks to build up enough hormones to register on those ept things. If you are pregnant you will soon start feeling symptoms such as b___st changes, tiredness and nausea and the ept will be more likely to show positive (use early morning stream). Until that happens, be happy. Go about your business as usual. There's nothing going to change by knowing a week later.


Angela - September 8

I found out with the first response test 7 days after my period was supposed to start. I took a test at night, and 2 the next day!!(just to make sure!!) wait a week and do it again. But what viv said was right, don't stress about it, keep living your life, don't stress the unknown!!!!!! Keep us posted. Will this be a good thing?????


dany - September 8

i just started college so it wouldnt really be the best thing b/c i dont have a REAL job.


Melissa - September 8

I was 3 weeks late, 4 negative preg. tests. I had just started a semester of my college cla__ses, and was really stressing at work. My boyfriend and I have s_x regularly so no date could be pinpointed. Between the stress of school, work, and being late.. it just kept being pushed off farther and farther. Finally I relexed and like magic I started. Just relax.. do things that make you relax and don't think and being pregnant (I know its hard, I've been there). If you still don't start take another pregnancy test at home, or even go to your doctor. Don't stress...just relax and good luck!!



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