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hottie27 - March 30

Hey everyone. This is my first time here. Well, i have been on the bc patch since january. my last period was on the 9th of this month. i was supposed to put on a new patch on the 13th but i forgot and didn't put one on until the 16th. I did not use backup contraception and i was not careful days before the 13th nor after the 13th. I usually experience some nausea on the patch in the mornings anyway but since the 16th, i have been experiencing it quite severely. i also do not have an appet_te and i noticed some spotting during intercourse last week. i am getting low grade headaches and lower back pain which i can't tell if it's unusual. I have a son already but he was not conceived while i was on bc. Has anyone become pregnant while on the patch and how does the above sound to you????


sjennifer - April 1

im in the same time frame as you and i am not testing yet even though i have most of the symptoms because i read it is to early but im not really sure though. im going to test in a couple days... but with the birth control patch, my sister just had a beautiful little girl in feb and she was on the patch when she got pregnant with her and she never missed putting it on so i guess you can get pregnant even if you take preventive measures. hope i helped


Krissy68 - April 8

sjennifer - did you test yet? AF is due for me this saturday 4/12. Krissy68


farmersdaughter - April 8

a family member of mine got pregnant once while on the patch and also while on the shot...i seem to have less faith in them than in the pill..(not that no one gets pg on it either) Good luck


sjennifer - April 9

Krissy68- yes i tested last saturday...BFN...i think AF just came and went, it was very different and odd through...i plan on going to the doctor to see what is going on with my body...i went off birth control about 9 months months ago...maybe its just my body changing and doing what it wants instead of what the pills used to tell it to do, idk... i think my husband and i decided to go back on birth control, so i can have regular cycles again... i really was wishing i was pregnant, but my husband got a bit frightened so i guess its for the best....we're young so we have time... BTW Hope you get the results you want this weekend. Best of luck -Jennifer-



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