Is It Too Soon

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Kir - October 25

My hubby and I would love more than anything to start a family, but we've only been married for 6 months, we have been together for six years total. Should we have more us time or start ttc? What's ur opinion? Anyone in simular circ_mstances?


andi - October 25

Hey at least your married. I think that if you want to go ahead and start then do it. If you are financially able and willing for this life altering change, best wishes to you!!!!


K - October 25

Hey Kir. This is something that you need to answer for yourself...if you're confident that you're both ready to have a baby, then go for it! If you're not totally sure if you're ready for it yet, wait a while until you're sure you're making the right decision. Every couple is completely different - while it might be right for one couple to wait for a few years after marriage, it could easily be right for a different couple to ttc immediately. Good luck, and keep us updated!


S.C. - October 25



karine - October 25

well i think that you had alot of time together, as you say you've been together for 6yrs. i would start ttc. when you and hubby thinks its the best time


Dawn - October 25

I've been married for 2 months and we're already ttc!! We were together 5.5 years b4 being married...Everyone always says you need time to be together,just the two of you... but we have been for years already and so have you...Right after our wedding I didn't think we should ttc right away, but after a little pg scare we realized we would've been really happy if I was pg, so go for it if you really feel ready! It's very no one is really expecting it, so it can be a great x-mas present or just a surprise.


casey - October 25

it is whatever you want. no one can really answer that question but you and DH. me and my boyfriend were only together 2 months when we started trying for a baby. i never let what other people say get to me, it is what makes you happy and what you think is best for you. so i say if that is what you want then go for it. but you are the only 2 that can make that choice. good luck with your choice.


Gemma - October 26

Go ahead TTC because it probably won't happen straight away anyway and you have had six years together already. Good Luck


huh...To Casey.. - October 26

What would you want to have a baby with a person you have only known for 2 months for? How old are you? To me that is just stupid. I hope to God you are not pregnant by this man!



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