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kristy - November 11

hi everyone, is it true that the more morning sickness you have indicates a baby girl because i have been told that girls produce more hormone than boys do.


megan - November 11

you never no..ive had mornings sickness all way thru my pregnancy im now 5 month..but me and alot of people think im having a boy but who knows lol :)


m - November 11

I think that is one of those old wives tales. But you know what, if you want to believe in it, you go girl! When I was pregnant with my second boy, I looked for every "sign" I could to convince myself maybe it was a girl. So you just go with it if you are wanting a girl. good luck!


kristy - November 11

im hoping for a boy, i already have 3 girls and the morning sickness was constant, and with this one no sickness at all.


m - November 11

Ok, in that case, that's just an old wives tale... it's definitely a boy! wink wink. If it's any consolation, I have 2 boys, and aside from 1st trimester nausea, no sickness with either of them! :o)


Dez - November 11

well, I cant confirm you are having a girl. but I know was so sick my whole pregnancy, and I am having a girl


Christine - November 11

I have two girls..4 and morning sickness at all with either one..that is just an old wives tale...


mummy of two?? - November 14

I was sick for the entire 9 months and I had a boy!!! Just depends who you listen to. I'm hoping its the reverse and I have a girl next with no sickness whatsoever. That would be terrific. It's all worth it though in the end, just not while you are hanging over the toilet bowl for 9 months.


am - November 15

I had very bad morning sickness for the first 4 months I lost about 6lbs and I had a boy. with my daughter I had none at all.


KC - November 15

it mostly depends on your body and how you eat. i noticed when i eat certain things i get sick. i get sick easily anyway. O:-)



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