Is It True I M Not Supposed To Eat Hotdogs

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KrisD - April 22

Well, the weather is getting nice up here in the Northeast, and one of my favorite things in the whole world is hotdogs on the grill. I could eat them every day. Well, I have heard that pregnant women shouldn't eat them... b/c on the nitrates or something. Is this true? I will hardly be able to make it through the summer. Is there a brand or a type that a pregnant woman can have? Or is this just one of those wives tales???


Truth - April 22

To be honest i dont think there is anything wrong with it as long as its fully cooked ,b/c at the beginning of my pregnancy thats all i use to crave for.You wil be ok just to make sure ask your doctor


minx - April 22

just make sure it's cooked through.


Foxy - April 22

I hope not, cos I just ate some for lunch!


Lynn - April 22

I read that you're not supposed to becasue of the nitrate thing and then I did some research & found out that the majority of mitrates ingested by adults comes from our drinking water. I LOVE hotdogs too, could eat them every day like you said. I'm going to wait until after the 1st trimester & then I'll eat them.


Sam - April 22

I really hope that's not true. I can live without my chili cheese dogs. Let me know what you find out.


BBK - April 22

Kris, it depends on how cautious of a person you are. They haven't been specifically linked to anything, but they contain meat by-products and nitrates. They're certainly on the bottom of the food chain. They're not great for you either, much less a developing fetus. Best to avoid them, but if you have them on occa__sion it's not the end of the world.


Audrea - April 22

I just heard the other day on a news program that hotdogs are bad for pregnant women but don't remeber why. They had some kind of research backing it up. I too have eaten chili dogs. I am craving them now but would rather not take the risk.


Karen - April 22

From what I undertand it falls in the same dangerous category of raw meats etc. I was told once they are well cooked it is ok. But I am trying to aviod them. For those who have already I do not think that one hot dog can cause harm. Talk to your doc to make sure.


Lacy - April 22

Nitrates are found in meats, such as hot dogs and ham, and give it the "nutritious" pink colour. I have not hear of any risk from eating these meats to an unborn child, other then the inherient unhealthiness of them. Nitrates in water should be of more concern to you, especially to those of you who are in rural areas and drink water from wells. In infants, nitrates can cause blue baby syndrome, where the nitrate somehow prevents the oxygen from binding to hemoglobin in the blook stream.


Lacy - April 22

Hey I did some more research on this topic and found the following - "Nitrates are changed into nitrites by metabolism when we eat them, or by the action with the protein of raw meat being cured. Such is the case with hot dogs. The nitrites, in turn, help to make nitrosamines—and these latter substances have been found to cause cancer in laboratory animals (Hertzberg). It is the fear of carcinogens in human beings that have caused a continuing controversy about the use of nitrates in preservation of food. In all actuality, food scientists tolerate it only because it helps reduce the possibility of botulism poisoning. “Some people recommend that small children and pregnant women avoid these chemicals altogether just to be safe”"


E - April 22

I have no clue if you should or should not eat HD's, but if you decide to stop eating them, there is a delicious and healthy vegetarian hot dog. Please don't laugh... It is from Smart Foods and tastes like the real thing. They are low in fat, high in protein, and good for you and your baby. I know most of you are rolling on the floor laughing. Vegetarian hot dogs?? They are actually very delicious when smothered with chili/cheese, onions, and mustard.


BBK - April 22

Lacy, that's right on. E, it's not surpising that "quasi" hot-dogs taste like the real thing, all flavor is "injected to it". The real hot dog raw materials look or taste nothing like the finished product. If anyone in their right mind saw the process of hot dog making, they'd never even touch them again, much less eat them.



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