Is Leakage Normal

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LilMomma - June 13

This is my first pregnancy and I'm supposedly not due till July 25th. She is pressing down on my pelvic bone and I have a small amount of leakage, I have Braxton Hicks I guess but they are starting to last longer like 30-48 seconds and I have 2 at once like 2 minutes apart like 4 times a day and I cramp up real bad pretty often throughout the day. What does this mean?


Lala - June 13

CALL YOUR DOC RIGHT AWAY BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!! IF YOUR LABOR PROGRESSES TOO MUCH, THEY WON'T BE ABLE TO STOP YOU! Your baby could be very sick if born now! Really, I hope you take my advice! best to you, and your little one!


olivia - June 13

Leaking amniotic fluid is not too normal, braxton hicks are. Some women do leak amniotic fluid but it is something your doctor will need to know and be monitoring. If you are leaking urine, that is completely normal and you don't have to call the doctor about it. If you don't know if it is urine or amniotic fluid, you should go in and get it checked. Are you drinking lots of water? Braxton Hicks can be worse if you are dehydrated, you need to lay down when you get them and drink a full gla__s of water. If you think you are in labor go to the doctor, it can't hurt to get checked and they are used to people coming in the last couple months for checks.


Deb - June 13

Whoah...Lala may be putting you into a panic. It is very possible that your leakage is just urine. That's what happened to me. I am 36 weeks and have been leaking small amounts of fluid for the past week. I just had an appt. yesterday and it is not amniotic fluid. Also, sometimes people get a slow leak of amniotic fluid and they are fine. The fluid replenishes itself daily and often small ruptures are able to close back up. The thing you have to worry about with a rupture is the possibility of infection. It is also very possible that you are just having Braxton Hicks, not real contractions. If you are due July 25th, then you are about 34 weeks and if your baby were to be born now, it is very likely it would be fine and would not need a respirator or anything. The lungs are the last to develop but after 34 weeks your baby has the best chance of being fine. Don't panic...but I would call your doctor to let them know what you have been experiencing, because they can do a test to see if it is indeed amniotic fluid. Good luck to you!


Been There - June 13

I agree with Deb. The first thing you need to do is see if you're just leaking urine due to increased pressure. Don't a__sume it's amniotic fluid. Have the doctor check it out. The cramps sound like Braxton Hicks.



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