Is Long Travel Time On The Plane Safe

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tta - July 4

I have plans to travel next month, and I will be about 5 months pregnant. I live in Japan now and been planning to go to Australia this August for long I would like to know if it's safe for me to be on the plane for 8 - 9 hours?...How should I prepare before my trip and what should I do during I am on the plane.......


livdea - July 5

well my longest flight was 5.5 hours and I was 6.5 months pregnant. HYDRATE yourself way before you go. make sure you are drinking LOTS of water, gatorade stuff. Eat light, bland salty stuff for a week or two before hand. and make sure you are drinking LOTS of water on the plane and up walking around a LOT. I thought I'd be okay, I felt fine on the plane not really walking that much or anything....HA! I was so swollen and just horrible when I got off! On my return flight I walked a lot more and drank a lot more and peed a lot more :) and I felt so much better and not half as swollen! good luck!


Olivene - July 5

I am in Japan, too. I flew to America and back early in my pregnancy and had no real problems. I agree with Livdea- hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. I didn't walk around too much, but at 5 months I would think it would be more comfortable for you if you do. It should be fine. Have a nice trip!


moucheka - July 5

Hi, I flew from the US to Australia at 22 weeks, and back at the end of 23 weeks. All up, with flying across the US, to Australia and then to my parents' house, about 26 hours in transit. I called the airline months before hand and orderd a bland meal and arranged an aisle seat near the front. Despite all that, the plane was delayed by a day so on the way there I was crammed down the back of the plane in a seat with some electrical box underneath so no footroom. I swelled for several days afterwards, my first experience of swelling. On the way back I called beforehand again and made sure I had a bulkhead seat, then doulble checked at the gate. I also wore knee high pressure stockings. In the bulk head I was able to put my feet up which made a huge difference. Be very pushy! At five months it wasn't really obvious I was pregnant so you have to stand up for yourself. At least Japan is in the same time zone as Australia so no jet lag. Good luck!


CaliTrish - July 12

I'm almost 28 weeks and just flew for 5 hours. If you can, get an early morning flight after a good night's rest, an aisle seat near the lavatory, and walk/stand up frequently if you can't elevate your feet. Enjoy your trip!



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