Is Lunch Meat Safe

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elkay - January 6

I am 11 weeks and finally able to eat food w/o vomiting. I really want a coldcut sandwich, but I've heard that I need to stay away from the meat.


AshleyB - January 6

Hi elkay, I've heard to stay away from lunch meat too. It has a higher risk of e-coli and salmonella in it. I wouln't take the chance. Good Luck.


elkay - January 6

AshleyB, that is what I have heard as well. I usually hate the stuff, but now, of course, that is the only thing that sounds good. Thanks.


missy - January 6

i've been eating it and baby is okay!!!


Steph - January 6

If you want to eat coldcuts, your supposed to heat the meat until it is "piping hot" to avoid listeria.


AshleyB - January 6

I've heard that too, what Steph said but I forgot. Maybe you should go that route and satisfy your craving.


elkay - January 6

I just heated it for a sandwich...all is good :)


izzy1052 - January 6

yeah ive heard to stay away from coldcuts.. but ive been eating ham so i dont really know if there's a difference.. but if you do eat it maybe steph is right by heating it up to kill any of the bacteria that may be there


Anne - January 6

I eat meat from the deli all the time, about 4 times a week. I don't buy the pre-packaged kind because I don't like them, but I don't know if there's a difference. I asked my dr. and he said it was fine to eat deli meat. I had a pg. ask her dr. and her dr. also said it was fine. Just make sure you ask your dr. at your next appt. This question was actually on my list during my 8 wk. visit.


Kiddolebel - January 6

I ate sandwiches all the time when I was pregnant with my son. You just have to stay from the salty ones like ham and such. My son was born PERFECT. Havent been able to eat them with this baby because the thought of it makes me sick, lol. Good luck ladies.


Been There - January 6

The only thing I've read to avoid is bologna. Everything else should be fine. Just no soft cheeses either.


sye - January 6

i eat the lunch meat from the deli and i never had a problem with it...


kr - January 6

I was told to avoid it unless it was heated to steaming. Additionally you want to watch out for preservatives like nitrates and nitrites, these are not good for anyone. Check around and you should be able to find kosher meats that do not have these preservatives.


Ba8y6irl - January 10

so Subs are no good? d__n....


Tami - January 11

I ate lunchmeat my entire pregnancy-and so did my sister and we both have healthy little babies. I am not telling you that you should, but I think that sometimes everyone is way to paranoid about things! If it sounds good, eat it-just make sure it is pretty new from the store, and you could heat it up before if you'd like!


Trish# - January 11

Heating coldcuts in the microwave to the point of steaming is okay. There is nothing wrong w/ coldcuts in and of themselves, but like the others said, they are one of the foods (like sushi and oysters) that carry a "chance" of illness. So it's better to be safe than sorry, but for all those who have endulged...don't worry!!!



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