Is My Baby Ok

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sharon - June 29

i'm 29 weeks preg & i have noticed that my baby seems to be less active!I only feel him/her very faint just before i fall asleep.Is this normal, i've been told the baby should be very active at this stage?! Please help.


to sharon - June 29

I'm also 29 weeks and have noticed so many fluctuations in her movements the whole time. The week before last I hardly felt her at all....this week I am really starting to feel her all over....she's really active. I love it but I also wonder when she will slow down again and then I will be sad. I love to feel her move. I think variations in movements are normal. Try the kick count test. Look at the clock, write that time down and count 10 movements. Doesn't matter what the movements are or how close together they are. There should be 10 movements in 10 minutes I think. But Even if you don't get that many don't worry.


hello - June 29

yep, do a fetal movement test, every day... the right way is.. pick a random time (if you smoke, atleast one hour after you have a cigarette) and count until you have felt 10 movements. If you feel a bunch of movements all at once, count as many as you can. You only count up to 2 hours. If you haven't felt 10 movements in 2 hours, call the hospital, they may want you to go in for fetal monitoring/ stress test. The best way to feel your baby kicking is by lying on your back or side with both hands on your tummy. Make sure you have the full 2 hours to spare, it could take that long, or if you're like me, it could only take 30 min., to get the results!


Kate - June 29

I'm 38 weeks and have felt variations in movement all the way through, some days are far more active than others. This kick test is interesting though, I've been told on many occasions by midwives and doctors that you should only worry if you don't feel 10 movements in as many as 10 - 12 hours. Also you just might not be feeling them. I've been to my hospital for monitoring twice in the last fortnight because I hadn't felt much movement, on both occasions the baby was picked up moving a lot on the monitor but I couldn't feel a thing!!!! If you're are worried though you should always phone your doctor or midwife. Better safe than sorry!!


Karen - June 29

I am 27 1/2 weeks and experiencing the seem thing. I plan to start my fetal counting next week which is the expected time. Some days he is very active and other he seems to be relaxing or sleeping. I get scared too and start to poke my belly (this seems to help) after he starts to move. I have him timed as well. I find that lying on my left side helps as well.



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