Is My Baby Still There

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unsure_baby16 - April 17

hey every one I am 13 weeks preggy and 16 I will be 14 wks wedsday this is my first pregnancy but that fact of the matter is that: mty tummy has not inceased or grown and I'm kinda scared because I haven't told any body I was preggy and I promised I would when I started to show and I'm not even on vitamans just flinstones vitamans and very day when I wake up I freak out because my belly still that same size and I don't know what to do and a couple days ago I had my appendix removed so I'm very concerned for my baby helppppppppppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Celia - April 17

Well it's nothing to be worried about if it's your first and your not showing yet. I hope for the sake of your baby that your Dr that took your appendix out knew you were pregnant before he did the surgery. You really need to tell someone and get in to see a Dr soon. I know it's got to be scary at your age but it's going to come out eventually, so show everyone that your mature enough to handle this by letting it be known and getting your baby off to a good start. Good Luck.


Tye - April 17

Did the doctor know you were pergnant when you had your appendix taken out. I don't think that should have happened, but to avoid any more possible harm to you or your baby you should tell someone. Even if it is just to tell a doctor or health provider in confidence but it is not uncommon to go through periods of no change from the outside at certain points in pregnancy. At the stage your in for that to happen I believe is pretty normal-but I strongly urge you to talk to someone that has the backround and ability to guide you through these concerns. Take care hon!


Lala - April 17

It's normal to not show yet. The top of your womb is still very close to your pubic hair-line. At 20 weeks it will be up to your belly-b___ton. Women who've allready had babies will show much earlier than you. You'll notice some rapid changes in your figure soon. Sweetie, if you're mature enough to raise this baby, you'll start taking care of it now. It's very important to see a doctor. What surgeon did the surgery? Did you tell him if you've been seeing a pregnancy doctor yet? Is there a Planned Parenthood in your area? I bet they'd help you out. Also, you could ask your school counselor for a referral. Don't worry, they're used to dealing with this sort of thing. Please take care of your little one! He/she needs you to take care of him/her! You're the only one who can.


Been There - April 18

It's not going to do you any good to try to hide this. You need to tell your parent(s) immediately so they can get you the medical attention you need. You're not ready for the responsibility if you cannot start being responsible now. I think you are concerned, but you need to put that concern to action. We can only encourage you to speak up, you have to go and do what's best for you and the baby. Not to sound grim, but at your age, with your body still developing, you really need to be sure you go to the doctor for both your sakes.


HannahBaby - April 18

you are being so childish!! Not to say that you are 16, but you should have told your doctor that you are pregnant!! I posted on your other thread but now im just angry that you because you didnt tell your doctor because you are afraid to tell you mother!! You have to tell her sooner or later!! Why wait until you are showing?? You have put your baby at risk for your own gain. You are scared to tell your mom because you know that you are too immature to have a baby, your actions have proved it.



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