Is My Doctor A Qauck

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Ted - March 15

My girlfriend"s due date is today. But this is not her first due date. First we were told our baby was due feb 15th, then it was march 15, back to march 5th, and now the 15th again. She has experienced almost premature labor, on the 27th of january, we went to the hospital and they stopped the labor because it was too early, I understand that. They said if it was a week later they would have let it go. februray 21st, labor again. they stop it again. saying, hes not ready yet. now today, the 15th of march and still no baby. they say they are going to induce her on friday the 18th, not anymore, now they are gonna let it go til the 21st or 22nd. If my baby gets hurt there is going to be h__l to pay, and before i cause any problems, i just NEED to know, am do i have anything to worry about? Or is it just first time jitters? any help would be nice, thank you


Misty - March 15

I would say your doctor is a bit out there. The ultrasound shows how far along you are based on the size of the baby so for her due date to keep jumping around is quite a bit strange. I'm sure everything should be O.K. though. If the baby was in distress when she went to see the doctor, which he would be if he was long overdue, then the doctor would have noticed that, so even though your situation is strange to say the least I'm sure everything is fine.


Q - March 15

I would suggest to go on the web and find a due date calculator. It all sounds pretty normal, but how could they go from a due date of Feb. 15th to March 15th???? That is a lot to be off!! Have they given her an ultrasound to estimate a due date? The last thing you want is a baby coming out to be premature OR seriously overdue!!!


C - March 15

Pregnancy last any where between 38 & 42 weeks. It is not just 40 weeks so expect the due date to fluctuate a bit... Though I have to admit a month is a BIG fluctuation. Dr should have known a long time ago when the baby was due. Good luck!


tiffani - March 15

A good reputable doctor would not change the due dates by a month. At this point it's too late to suggest changing doctors, but that's exactly what I would have done. If you ever come back and read this, please give us an update. Best wishes.


lindsey To Ted - March 15

Ted, to be honest I've had a doctor change my due date, but no more than a week! After the baby is born, definitely go somewhere else. I have never heard of changing a due date to a month. Just keep a close on your girlfriend. I do agree with you, that if your baby gets hurt I would be kickin' some a__s! My husband would be pretty upset too if that were me. But, I think he would've taken me elsewhere. Good luck to you Ted and keep us posted.


Syn - March 15

I have heard of this happening, Actually it was a week ago. my sis works with this guy and his girlfriend was due in january then feb then march. pretty crazy but she had the baby last week and as far as I know it was fine. the ultra sound should have shown when the baby was due( and she had 3 or more). if she hasn't had her baby yet maybe u should see about another ultra sound. ask around for the best doc to go to for it.



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