Is My Friend Crazy

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mandee25 - June 2

Ok I need to vent. My friend is 21 weeks pregnant and they have 2 Rottweillers and a german shepherd mix. She told me last night that they are keeping all 3 dogs and that makes me nervous for the baby.She fully intends to let the dogs be inside the house all the time with the baby and everything. When I tried to say something to her about it she got defensive and says, "You don't know the dogs." Am I crazy to think this? I certainly don't plan on taking my child over to her house because of the dogs. Sorry if I offended anyone here with Rottis.......this is just my opinion.


cmfqueens - June 2

I think you sound logical and concerned about the saftey of your baby and hers. Bt ultimitly its her decision. She might change her mind after the baby comes. hopefully thedogs do not get jelous of the baby and act out on it.


les22 - June 2

i think that you should listen to your friend as they are her dogs and she obviously knows them better than you do. it would be very cruel to keep the dogs outside just because she is having a baby. it would cause the dogs to become jealous of the baby because they have been pushed out.. rottis tend to be gentle giants.


LadyD - June 2

I understand your concern. I have 2 pit bulls and a 5 yr old at home and my mom almost freaked when she heard about them. Guess what: They are friendly and love my daughter and only want to lick her. As long as the dogs are trained, she shouldn't have a problem BUT you never know when they are having a bad day. See my dogs stay in cages, from what you say, she keeps her dogs out? I would never ever around a newborn because I know if the dog were to do something to my baby, I will be on all news channels for animal cruelty. There's really nothing you can do but voice your opinion, it's her house. Everyone is ent_tled to their own opinion so don't think you offended all dog owners.


Am_I_Ready - June 2

The dogs will get use to the baby...they won't harm him/her. My sister has a pit and the dog is so protective of the baby when she crys the dog starts barking. The baby will also get use to the dogs..don't worry


cmfqueens - June 2

I also have a pit/boxer mix who is the buggest baby in the world. It's all in how you raise them. But LadyD is right you never know when they are having an off day. I think in my situation I would be more nervous of my cat doing harm then the dog.Then Iwill be joining ladyD on the news for f***ing up the cat. But I do love animals so please don't miss judge. :)


krystyne - June 2

i have a rott and it has been great with my step daughter who is only 2. but he has been great with her and all the other kids. it is your friends decision and yours not to bring your kid. but have you ever seen the dogs get violent?? if not i think you are just being parranoid. but like i said its your cholce and it is hers!!!


kimholl28 - June 2

I think it depends on the dogs temperment. My friend has had her dog for 10 years and she doesn't have kids yet, but is 13 weeks pregnant. I had my 3 and 7 year olds at her house. My 3 year old hugged the dog and she snapped at his face. I simply said she will have to be trained when the baby comes. It really offended my friend, so be careful what you say about others animals, some people who don't have kids yet, feel like their animals are their kids. Only thing I could come up with, for the reason she was so offended. This is a touchy subject and better if you let her deal with her animals. As for your kids do what you feel comfortable with.


Rhonda - June 2

All dogs cant be trusted,my sisters mil had two akitas that she had for several years and for no apparent reason one of them tried to attack my neice when she was maybe a yr old.My bil kicked that dog clean across the room,and she got rid of them.Her dogs have never even remotely acted aggressive around anyone until that you just never know.


flower.momma - June 2

Why would she get rid of her dogs? If they are well behaved and not aggressive than they will be fine. My daughter and my black lab/german mix get along great. She lets my girl climb on her, sit on her and use her as a step stool, all the while laying there and not making a peep. Every once and a while, the dog accidentaly knocks my daughter over, but then runs over to her and covers her in licks. As long as the dogs are well trained, I wouldn't worry about taking your girl over there either


Carragh - June 2

Hi, I have 3 dogs & 2 cats and my 13month old loves them and they love her! When we brought her home we put her on the couch and let them sniff her and they have been buds ever since. So I say having a baby is NO reason to get rid of your dogs.


mandee25 - June 3

Maybe I am just being paranoid because these dogs are huge and because of the horror stories in the news. We have a 4 year old Chinese Shar pei and he is the biggest coward. I have no fear about having my baby around him or my 2 cats as long as I am around to watch closely. Thanks for your opinions. Please don't judge me....I have nothing against Rottis in general....I am just a worry wart and you're is HER baby and HER dogs so if anything does happen, GOD FORBID, it will be on her concious.


HannahBaby - June 3

i would be more worried about cats than dogs. You can train a dog, you can train a cat. Many people can say that their dogs would never hurt their baby, but you cant say that about a cat. My nephew was sleeping in his crib one day and my moms cat jumped in the crib and scratched the hell out of my nephew.(and just think of all the germs under those kittys nails!) I kept my american bull dog and got rid of my cat when i had my daughter. (no way his big a__s was going to get in her crib!!)


ma2aiden - June 3

i have 3 dogs - a pitbull, pitmix and a chow mix, all of whom i've had since they were very young and have never had a problem w/ - however, i am VERY strict w/ them and introduced them slowly to my son when we brought him home... it is okay to think that your own dog would never do anything to your child, however you never know regardless of the dog/breed - always be on guard - but be relaxed at the same time, o/w the animal will sense that and that isn't good either... if you're smart about your actions and use some common sense, everyone will get along :) just remember, as much as there are boundaries for your pets, there should also be the same for the children


jal239 - June 4

There are many people who have dogs and keep them even after having children. Most people who have pets see them as family members. It is fine if you feel that way, but your friend knows her household and will run it the way she feels comfortable. Just be there for her.


corinne - June 4

If your worried about how the dogs are going to be with the baby then tell her to start doing stuff that involves the dogs with the baby. such as have them smell different baby items like the lotion and the powder, ect... that will help the dogs get use to the idea of the baby. Although rotties and german shephards are both great kid dogs. Both are big loveable kid dogs. But it also depends on how you raise them. My brother had a blue heeler that did not like kids at all. But she warmed up to my baby even though she was still a little skitish around my dd. It just depends on how you introduce the dogs to the baby.


mommatx - June 5

Its not necessarily true that you cant train a cat. my cat comes when I call his name, he knows not to go outside when the door is open. He waits for me to pat my leg before he is allowed to jump in my lap, and he in general obeys the "rules." He allows me to bathe him and clip his nails with no problem. My SO's cat was trained to play fetch. If you throw a quarter across the room, she brings it back.



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