Is One Cup Of Coffee A Day Okay

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Trish# - January 12

While TTC, I cut back on my caffeine to one cup of java in the morning and nothing but water the rest of the day. I'm 7w 1d pg now and have continued this regimine (w/ some added milk). I have always read that caffeine is okay in small doses, such as no more than 2 cups of coffee (or the equivalent thereof in soft drinks) is okay and will do no harm. But I was just surfing another site and the girls there have completely banned it and were saying all the harm it "could" do, esp. the firstT. Now I'm kind of paranoid about it. What do you (honestly) think?


m - January 12

Good question. I was also wondering about tea, too. I make decaf tea at home, but anywhere else, it has caffeine. I, too, have heard caffeine is ok in small doses, but I don't think I've heard the definition of a "small dose."


Steph - January 12

I personally don't drink caffeine when pregnant, but that's just my choice. But I eat chocolate, so I get caffeine from that!! Anways, I read on another thread that your not suppose to have more than 300mg per day of caffeine. Hope this helps.


Kendra - January 12

You know, there are women out there doing crack that somehow end up with healthy babies (Don't do crack, I'm just saying - people are doing far worse things) - a cup of coffee is just fine! I drink a soda every day. Personally, if I don't have that soda, I get a pretty bad headache, and can start to get grouchy - I say if the small bit of caffeine will make you feel better - your baby will feel better. Any stress on you, is stress on the baby. Trust me, if you really stick to just one a day - you're doing great! My mother told me she drank coca cola all day every day when she was pregnant with me. While I don't recomend that at all, I can say I'm just fine! There are too many other things about pregnancy to stress out, so give yourself a break on this one......a coffee break! lol


Kristina - January 12

Steph is right, no more then 300mg a day.


Tye - January 12

One cup of coffee is perfectly fine!


Gem - January 12

You can have 3 mugs of coffee a day max or six mugs of tea. This is providing that you are not having any other caffeine like chocolate or fizzy drinks.



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