Is She Harming Her Baby

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concerned - November 24

Theres this girl I know and shes sabout 14 weeks preg. She found out she was preg when she was about 5 weeks. Well just less than a month ago i saw her smoking ciggaretts. (she already knew she was preg. too) and just a couple of days ago they told me she smokes pot, drinks and might even be doing coccaine. I dont even think shes gone to an actual doctor for prenatal care. What is she doing to her baby? What can happen to her baby if she continues. It doesnt seem like shes going to stop either because she lives with guys who do drugs. Can anyone do something about it. Is it possible she ends up killing her baby or give her baby some illness?


Christine - November 24

Lots of things are possible...all of the above are bad to do while pregnant, but coccaine and drinking are the worst...I know now in New York they test the baby when it is born...if she is doing these should have triggered somethings on her blood tests that were done when she first found out she was pregnant and the doc should be aware that something is going on...I know when a friend of mine had her baby the tested the baby's urine for drugs? dont know why but I know the baby had a bag in his diaper to catch it...she was a pot smoker...the best you can do is let her know how much harm she is doing to her baby...if she is addicted to these drugs she should go somewhere to get least why she is pregnant...I'm not sure if turning her in would do anything...but if you truely feel couragous...go ahead...good luck


nbp - November 26

there are alot of risks. with ciggaretts, it can cause misscariages and low birth weight, with alcohol, low birth weight as well and she could have an alcohol baby, witch is much like a crack's sad i've seen it. pot...well, i know people who smoked it while they were pregnate and they had no problems, and not much has been done on it, as far as info, but i'm sure since they say pot is worser than ciggaretts, that it has simular effects. they say smoking one joint is like smoking 12 ciggaretts, as far as effects on your lungs. she is deffinately hurting her baby and should be a__shamed of her self. all of these have bad effects and there are even worser effects, birth deffects, being born with brain damage, lung problems. and lots of other health problems, being born too early and maybe not making it, being born too small....lots and lots of things. someone needs to pull her aside and let her know. unfortunuately, there is nothing anyone can do except for let her know how bad it is, she has to chose what she wants to do. and as for turning her in, all that would happen is they might put her in a rehabilitation or somthing, alot of people won't do anything, but after she has the baby if it is born with drug addiction or effects from drugs, they will probally take the baby away.


TeaRs - December 17

well your friend could kill her baby and if by chance the baby makes it. it will have serious problems.. u should talk to your firend about it and hopfully change her mind about doing what she is doing..


KM - December 19

I think you should report her to social services. She obviously isn't responsible enough to be caring for a child, let alone an unborn one.


t - December 19

the baby could be born severely retarded or sick, if at all. My grandmother was a drinker and a smoker and not only did she lose 3 babies, but one of them was born with FAS and she is legally blind, among other things. This girl you know should be reported to Social Services, not only for the baby's good, but her own before she gets HERSELF killed.


chris - January 6

what happens to the baby when you smoke


Cat - January 6

When you smoke, all the drugs in the cig goes in to your blood stream, there fore your baby will also be having a dose of the cig...People like that make me sick, she sounds unfit to have a child, the baby nourishes of the mother, all that baby is doing is getting p__sed and stoned!!!!!!!!


Belch - January 7

Yeah??? and so what if she is??? the baby will be fine, just fine and dandy


jules - January 7

The baby will not be just fine and dandy!!! Alcohol is the worse thing you could drink - I am not trying to preach like I am a saint or anything - but you have to understand that the baby gets all of it nutrition from the mother - hello placenta!!! That is the function of the placenta!!! So - whatever you consume - goes straight to the baby. Most likely the baby will come out with some kind of addiction if she chooses to do cocaine. I hope she understands what she is doing - sometimes people just need to be taught because they don't really know and don't have support of people around them to give them advise!


Kayla Taylor - January 10

That girl is a horrible person she should not have had s_x if she does those things. If I was you I would turn her in it would be the best thing for the baby and her. That baby is going to be put through a lot if it does not die. An inoscent baby should not have to be put though that. The baby may be born early Mentally retarted or many other complications can occur. She may even have a chance of getting hurt during birth. Try to do somthing even if you have her put away it would be better for her and the baby.


Gabby - January 19

what you need to do is tell her that she is harming her baby and that she needs to spot doing these things to her self and baby and also if the baby is born it can probably die in its sleep


tiffani - January 19

Have you confronted her??? Get social services involved if you have to, for the sake of the baby. She is seriously decreasing her babies health with every vice that she partakes in.


hmmm.. - January 19

I have seen pot smoking first hand in pregnancy. Nothing I have seen has harmed the baby. I do not see anything wrong with smoking pot while pg because it helps some women eat and sleep. All the other drugs including alcohol, I don't agree with. I have seen babys born addicted to them all. I have seen nothing that prove mary jane will hurt you or your child, while pg. I know a little kid who's mom smoked pot all the time when she was pg, and he is sharp as a tac.


BM - January 20

Smoking, drinking or doing any drugs is HARMING your baby!!! whatever the mother eats, drinks, and takes in goes into her bloodstream. think about the feeling you got the first time you did pot and got so high. think about that feeling in a tiny body that has not even developed its lungs properly, a developing brain, a heart that just began to beat. it would be very irresponsible and stupid to make a unborn baby go thru that. If the doctors say that doing crack destroys your brain cells and also smoking pot, well the baby will never get all the brain cells that is going to need when he grows up. tell your friend to get help. and if you consider your self a true friend go with her and be there for her. she needs your support just as much as that baby. if she doesn't change then I do recommend that you contact child services. at this time the baby is only getting its most important organs and those can be harmed with all of these drugs.


Trancy - January 20

Weel I think that there is a very good chance that if the mom is doing all the things above & continues, when she has her baby (if it makes it through all the sh*t) the dr. can tell if the baby is going threw withdrawl!!!!!!! They could probably take the baby away from her period!!!!!!!! So she needs to remember that ain't just her body anymore once she choose to bring a innocent baby onto this wprld!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Peace, Love, Unity, Respect


mitzi - January 20

yes there is a great possibleity you really need to talk to your friend and tell her that if she contiunes to do all of those things to herself her baby will be a still born or have alot of things wrong with it



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