Is She Harming Her Baby

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mitzi - January 20

yes there is a great possibleity you really need to talk to your friend and tell her that if she contiunes to do all of those things to herself her baby will be a still born or have alot of things wrong with it


SCB - January 26

Smoking during pregnancy will definitely have negative effects on her unborn child. there are over 4000 chemicals in every ciggarette. these chemicals completly disrupt all of the pathways for oxygen throught the body. these chemecials also destroy cells in the body starting with the weakest. If a woman is pregnant, the unborn fetus is definitely the primary risk. the tissue is to soft to withstand even the most harmless threat to it's well being. aside of themany health risks that can deform or kill the unborn child, complicate pregnancy, or slowly destroy the mother's body itself ; another perspective is custody especially if the mother is underage. A smoking enviornment is not favored among any judicial system. A mother can lose custody, visitation rights, and still have to pay child support. Abortion is only an option within the first 14 weeks of pregnancy, any time after is murder and punnishable by law. An unhealthy lifestyle bothe mentally and phyisacilly can have catosrophic results especially when an unborn child is concerned. The best thing to do is to get help to overcome any addiction, drink water and juce to flush your system, eat a balanced as possible, maintain an active lifestyle(I don't mean party), and most important...ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY .


lou - January 26

I cant believe some of the idiotic people on here that post such stupid responses! (belch) Your friend obviously needs to get away from the enviroment she is in for a start and then seek some advice from a doctor and possibly have some rehab and or counselling. She is DEFINATELY putting her baby and herself at risk and as a friend you should do everything in your power to help her and the baby into a lifestyle suitable for a mother a baby to be in which is drinking, smoking and drug free! Not to put too much pressure on you but wouldnt you like someone to look out for you when you lose sight of whats important? Good luck and all the best :)



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