Is The Maternity Card Legitimite

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Valerie - October 4

I am 15 weeks along and I don't have health insurance but I found this web site about the maternity card and I called the company. They said they can't promise I'll save any money but the woman assured me everyone does. It will cost $400 and I'm not sure if it's worth the money when I've never heard anything about it. Has anyone ever used this card or know anything about it?


randi - October 4

if she cant promise youll save money i wouldnt, can you not get medacaide through the health department


leslie - October 4

that sounds llike b**shet!! Don't buy it! just my advice..


Ranya - October 5

Why don't you ask the hospital where you will be delivering or your doctor's clinic if it's accepted there...


Tera - October 5

Hi Valerie. I have heard of them. Here's the scoop. They are Medical Services "discounters" . A group of doctors signup to be in their program. If you go to one of these doctors then you will get the "discounted" rates. If you already have a doctor and he is not using the plan, they may ask you to ask him/her to join the plan, so that you get the discount. I think they offer you $25 if you get him/her to join or a discount by that much. I can't remember which it's been awhile. What you are paying for is a list of drs who are in the program. That's it! The drs then give you a "discounted" rate. I did not find out how much a dr regularly charged vs the discount PLUS the amount you pay them for the list of drs, so I don't know if you actually save anything after receiving the discount and then adding back in how much you paid for their "services". I, personally, did not like any of their drs in my area. Not because they were c___ppy drs, I never got that far. Most of their receptionists put me off. I had a list of questions that I wanted answered and the receptionist usually has the answers to these questions. I figured I would be talking to these people most of the time when I called, so if they were unpleasant with simple questions, what would happen when I really needed answers to questions about being pregnant. I decided I could do better on my own and I did. I found a great dr who had great staff. He wasn't on the plan but I found his rates were less than some of the dr's who were on the plan. It was a lot of leg work, but worth it in the end.


Valeria - October 5

Just do medical if your not insured. It covers everyhting through the pregnancy and birth. Also after the baby is born you can keep him or her on medical or they have insurances for low income families like IEHP and Blue Cross has one also for like 7 dollars a month.


Kate - October 5

This makes me so grateful that I live in the UK!


Tera to Kate - October 5

You sould try some place like Singapore, not only do they pay your hospital bills, but they give you $6000 for each child.


gcchic - October 5

It shouldn't cost you money (and even if there was a cost it SHOULDN'T be $400)'s probably a scam, if anything just try Badger health care.......I'm not sure if that's national BUT it's worth a try.



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