Is The Way My Pregnancy Going More Common Then Not

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Veggigoddess - March 21

I am a tad over 8 months pregnant now. I have had zero balance issues so I haven't stopped wearing my 1 1/2-2" heels and people seem to be shocked beyond belief about the fact that I can still wear them at all. I haven't had much if any swelling and it's not like 2" is high so I see no reason to stop wearing them as they are comfortable and I am used to them in addition to they naturally help w/ my posture. I still wear all the same clothing and wear makeup just as I did before getting pregnant yet people who see me and realize I am pregnant are constantly making comments like "Wow! Amazing you're still able to wear makeup and be pregnant" or " You look so good!" or they tell me how they were when pregnant which is always the exact opposite of how I am handling my pregnancy. I know I have been lucky so far as I never vomited once from pregnancy, no back, balance, or nausea issues. No aversions to any food and only cravings in the beginning for healthy foods like fruits and nuts. I have had very little inconveniences overall. I just do not get the mind set of the pregnant women I have either met or just seen dressing their absolute sloppiest and looking like c__p just because they can. To me it should be the exact opposite because the better you look the better you feel so it seems there should be more effort put into one; appearance when pregnant so we feel better about ourselves because it seems many pregnant women at some point feel down about how they look. As for myself, I look no different then I did before I got pregnant except a protruding belly. I guess I am wondering why people are so shocked (but in a positive manner) that I have kept up my appearance, move around the way I do (meaning like I am not pregnant), haven't had many "typical" issues that people either believe or that most pregnant women actually have etc...? The only people who do not think anything I have or haven't experienced as a pregnant women are odd or out of the norm are my midwife and doctor and I'd think they'd no best. They say a healthy typical pregnancy goes the way mine has gone. I feel no different being pregnant then I did not being pregnant except for the occasional mild mild heartburn and the protruding of my belly which is only 34 centimeters so right on track. I just find it so odd that others find me so odd for being "able" to still look, feel, and act the way I do while pregnant. Am I that odd or are the majority of comments I get based on c__p people have heard is the pregnancy normbut in reality is a very small percentage?


Ash - March 21

Well, I don't think people think you're odd about looking and feeling good while pregnant, however its more of a shocked reaction because at eight months preggos its sure hard to stay looking and feeling good for the majority of pregnant women. I know I'm getting a little jelous reading your story about pregnancy because mine has been horrible and very difficult. And, your comment of how "I just do not get the mind set of the pregnant women I have either met or just seen dressing their absolute sloppiest and looking like c___p just because they can" is wrong! I know I'm not looking like c___p because "I can" but when you feel so sick all the time its very hard to get into heels and put on make-up no matter how much you want to. I for one was very stylish and fashionable pre-pregnancy but now my idea of dressing up is wearing black track pants! Anyhow, point is that I don't think you're odd just one of the lucky few so enjoy the rest of your pregnancy!


veggigoddess - March 22

Thank you for your reply! From what I have gathered I have been lucky w/ how my pregnancy has gone as I haven't ever felt sick, dizzy or any of the negative side effects besides the very minor heartburn now and then and in the beginning very mildy bloated feeling for about 2 weeks. I have yet to find or hear about another pregnant women or one who has been pregnant that has had the "luck" I have had w/ their pregnancies yet my Dr. & midwide both say my prengancy is & should be the norm. I am not puttign down pregnant women who don't dress nice for themselves to make themselves feel better or wear makeup etc.. as I know for those pregnant women who do feel like c___p from feeling sick all the time will not make dressign and looking the best they can a priority because it's just nto important when you're throwing up all the time. I was targeting more the pregnant women who overall is goign through her pregnancy w/ minimal issues and still (by what seems to be default) starts wearing sweats, baggy cloths, flats/bootie looking shoes, hair pulled back, no makeup (a__sumign that before they became pregnant they were the opposite of course). I just know how good it feels pregnant or not to look the best I can make myself look as it enhances my confidence and makes me feel better overall. Seems most important do have this mindset when pregnant and it just seems that th majority of pregnant women do not get this fact. Seems liek the pregnant womens mindset overall (and again this is from what I have read, seen, or heard from pregnant women I have either known or read from forums and such) is very similar to a newly married womens mindset which is "great, I can give up now". Meaning letting one's looks go, but letign one;s looks go means confidence goes shortly thereafter as it goes hand in hand.


Maleficent - March 22

sounds like my first pregnancy, word for word. i'm on my 3rd pregnancy now and my luck has run out. this is the sickest i have ever been. no ammount of mascara can make up for the fact that i've puking daily for 15 weeks. and i'm just as confident in sillettos as i am in fuzzy slippers. you just have to roll with whatever pregnancy throws at you, if you're having an easy go of it then good for you.


Heidi - March 22

Why couldn't you wear makeup at 8 months???? Just cus you don't feel great or what? I know putting makeup on and doing my hair while having morning sickness was the ultimate chore in the morning!!!!



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