Is There A Difference In A Boy And A Girl

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CC - March 17

My question is has anyone who has had either or both s_x's feel their is a difference in anything like what you eat how you feel or how you carry? Between a Boy and a Girl?


amanda.d - March 17

With my two girl pregnancies i was fine and full of energy.With my son i was full of nausea and tired all the time, Thats also how i am with thisone too. However it depends on the person too.Good Luck!


Michelle - March 17

Yes I felt very different with my boy and girl. I cant really put it in words but I just felt different.With my boys I looked like I had a basketball under my shirt. With my girl I was big all over.


autum - March 17

i had a boy, it was a breeze. no nausea, no sweats, was able to sleep, until labour thats when every hit me, 9mths worth. good luck


Jul - March 17

With my son I got fat all over!!! Gained 50 lbs. total and am normally 100 lbs. luckily I lost all the weight I had gained 20 lbs. in the first trimester. I had bad acne, was tired all the time and had some morning sickness but it wasn't that bad. I am only 10 weeks now so I don't know what I am having but this time I am sick as a dog and have only gained a few pounds so far. I am much sicker than with my son and not as tired.


Naomi - March 17

with both my pregnancy i only had a tiny bump throughout the whole pregnancies and didn't get any weight gained anywhere else but in my belly but with my girl it was round all around ( from side to side ) and with my boy it was all like a watermelon ( nothing on the sides ).


tiffani - March 17

My nausea was the same with my son and my daughter, but there were definitely differences between the two pregnancies. With my daughter I HAD to have OJ every day, with my son, I couldn't stand juice of any sort. Hated seafood with my daughter, hated anything creamy with my son. Acne with my daughter, not the first sign of a pimple with my son. Hormonal and b___hy with my daughter (this, according to my husband) and happy go lucky with my son. Woke up bright and early on my own with my daughter, couldn't drag my b___t out of bed with my son. Heartburn with both, both born bald. It's funny, because with this pregnancy we thought we'd be able to tell what we were having by comparing the symptoms with my other two, and none of them compare to either pregnancy. :o)


CC - March 17

WoW, So really it's a mystery until the U/S, I feel the same as I did with the first except I got sick when I got drunk while not knowing I was pregnant with just 3 beers and this one Drinking didn't phase it, I had to miss a period before I realized no cravings then or now, nothing really I feel normal except I stay bloated but I did that also not being preg.


jennifer mendez - June 16

how to know if it's a girl or boy


Corrie - June 16

I wouldn't know as I am having my first, a son-- in November. usually I looove fish, but now couldn't stand even the sight (much more the smell) of them. I also can't stand creamy foods. Basically almost every thing I used to love to eat before I couldn't even stand the sight of. I was sick the first 3 months but it isn't as bad now--only when I smell something I don't like...BUT one thing weird, even though my boyfriend 'preferred' a girl ( he has one previously and found her to be 'easy' to take care of) I have always told him I 'feel' like it is going to be a boy. Always. Maybe the change in hormones or hormones generated by my body...? I don't know for sure--but I just always 'felt' it's going to be a boy.


Jodie - June 16

My first 2 pregnancys were completely different, resulting in a girl and a boy, with this one i feel exactly the same as what i did when i had my daughter, am craving the same foods and carrying the same way, but its a boy, so i think it has nothing to do with the s_x of the baby how you feel



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