Is There Still Any Chance Please Let Me Know

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Toni - January 29

I have been having a lot of unprotected s_x with my husband. Since two weeks ago , I have been having a lot of menstrual-like cramps all the time (I haven't been feeling them too much lately). I have been bloated to the point that my belly is swollen and enlarge, gassy, nauseous. I have had headaches, lower back pain, very moody. I have had swollen (.)(.) , they are not sore but itchy from timr time. I also have heartburn. And Yuck!!! a yeast infection.(About that yeast by the way, I do not know what to do to treat it. I do not want to buy any over the counter medications to treat in case I am preggie.) I don't want to call those symptoms PMS because I have never have them that early or that intense. I thought I might be preggo (which I want). My periode is due 2morrow. I could not wait anymore so I went to a hospital near by where they give free pregnancy tests and it was negative. It would have been my 1st Baby. Now I feel really disappointed and sad. Please is there any chance the hormone did not show yet? Anyone have xperienced this befor? I am 21 and just recently married and still in college. I was not ttc but just thinking that the possibily of having a little someone growing inside of me is just wonderful. Baby dust to you all.....Good Luck to everybody!!!!!


Toni - January 29

Hi..It's me again sometimes my computer is acting up so if you want you can also e-mail me at [email protected]


Toni - January 29

I don't want to be annoying but just forget about the e-mail. Please post your answers. Thanks to everybody and Good Luck!!!


Sophia - January 30

The test could have came out negative if it's to early. But are you sure you really are ready to have a baby if you're still in school. Not to but in, but I was 16 when I had my son.


tiffani - January 30

Toni~ It's a very good possibiliy that the hormones aren't out in full force yet, thus leaving you with a potential false negative. Your symptoms sound a lot like pregnancy symptoms. Wait (I know how we all hate that word) and see if your period comes, and if it doesn't, test again. I was 3 weeks late before I finally got a positive test. Don't forget to update us either way.


suzanne - January 31

it sounds as if you are pregnant they are definately all the symptoms i have been pregnant before and done a preg test and it was negative so try again and good luck x



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