Is There Such A Thing As Pregnancy Disability

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m - January 19

I am just trying to get my ducks in a row JUST INCASE I end up being put on bed rest. Since it is a possibility that my doctor will put me on bed rest if I have complications with my placenta previa, I'd like to know if there is any type of short-term disability here in the USA that I could file for to compensate for the loss of wages I would incur?


krc - January 19

ARE YOU NOT FROM HERE? GOOD LUCK....I wouldn't know, never had to look into. That'd be nice if there was but we dont get paid maternity leave so I doubt disability. But for your sake I hope you get it.


Tess - January 19

Hi m- Unfortunately there's no such thing as pregnancy disability....If you have benefits from your work that offers short term disability then yes, you would still have income while you're not working. (max pay out is 6 mos) Other than that.......NONE. If you got let go by your employer then you can file for unemployment benefits....Hope that helps.


Jewell24 - January 19

I don't know about the USA but I'm in Canada and I'm on pregnancy sick leave that leads right to me maternity leave into my prenatal leave. I think I get a total of 64 weeks paid leave. Mind you that's 55% of what I made while working, whihc wasn't much *lol*.


m - January 19

Yes, I have lived here my whole life, but I have never known that information, as I've never needed it. I was hoping maybe someone else has checked into it and could share some tips. Hoping it exists!!


m - January 19

Thanks for the help ladies. I'm such an idiot that I didn't get any disability insurance when I started teaching. I have Blue Cross PPO with a maternity rider.... which helps a lot with doctor's bills. But if I have to take time off of work, it will kill my paycheck! Thankfully, my job won't be on the line, but it will still hurt to lose an a__sload of money! :o)


Tess - January 19

Im glad I took the std benefits that my employer offers when they had an open enrollment for 2006. I get paid $250 wkly w/ max of 6 mos of pay out. Its 50% of my base wkly salary that Im getting while Im out of work. I also will need a doc's note so I can provide that to my insurance people. My insurance under my dh did help alot.....Since I got pg I dont have to pay any co-pays at all.


amb - January 19

i never had to file to get STD. i told my work i was pg and inquired about maternity, i thought working for the government i would get something. well i do get STD only paid for 5 of the 6 weeks im allowed out and my doc has to sign off on it after the baby is born. but other then that im on my own!


Been There - January 19

M, in what state do you live?


Marlene - January 19

Yes there is a such thing. I work in New Jersey and my job doesnt do maternity leave so i'm going on short term disability. Just go to google and type it in for the state you live in. You can print the papers right off the website.Goodluck and Congrats!!


Been There - January 19

Actually, the only states that offer state disability are NJ, NY, CA, RI and HI. The others don't.


Been There - January 20

It is unfair. I don't understand why more states don't offer this benefit. Just like the disability insurance offered by your company, you pay for the insurance in these states. But it's a mandated tax in your paycheck. You have no choice but to have it. But since it comes out like a tax, you're used to it.


Monique - January 23

YES THERE IS!!! Atleast in the state of California. Every week they take SDI out of our checks--SHORT TERM DISABLILTY. You are eligible with pregnancy related issues!!!


snickelfritz - January 23

I'm a teacher in FL. All I can say is to look into what your regular benefits are and what your optional benefits are. I signed up to pay extra for the optional STD. BUT, even that only pays 2/3 of my salary for FOUR weeks, so I also am hoping not to end up on bedrest like I did with my last pg! Good luck to you and I completely feel your pain. Teachers often get the short end of the stick.


Bridget - January 23

I am in CA and they do have it here. I thought it was federal until someone told me it was by state and I was actually p__sed off for the women in states that don't have PG disability leave, it's so unfair. Your health or your job and your home maybe?! Makes me mad. What I would do is if you can, research labor laws and try this link There are phone #'s (including this one Equal Employment Opportunity Commission at 501-324-5060.) that may be helpful. Also, if your doctor is cooperative (and this is only a guess on my part) he/she may be able to say that your placenta previa is a serious enough medical condition that it could endanger YOUR health (through bleeding), the fact that it's a results of pregnancy is secondary, do you see what I mean? I hate to say this because I am a person who works hard and has folks I know (and am related to, ugh) that I know are in bed waiting for the mail when I leave for work--but sometimes you have to work the system. It money YOU paid through taxes, so it's not a handout at all. I'm sure you would qualify for FMLA but it doesn't pay anything, just protects your job and it's a federal program.Talk to your doc, they may know some handy info and good luck.


m - January 23

Bridget, EXCELLENT INFO! I found the website and I'm anxious to read through it. I wrote down that number, too. Also, I'm gonna take that advice and talk to my doctor about this. If it does get serious enough that I have to stop working, hopefully my doc will be of some help! Thanks so much!!



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