Is This A Bad Thing

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Coleigh - November 18

I'm 7 weeks today and still have not experienced any symptoms! I know I'm pregnant..I had 5 HPT's come back positive and 2 positive blood tests. My mom said she had BAD morning sickness. Shouldnt I get it too? I at least want to FEEL pregnant if I wont start showing for a while! Is this normal?


JustMe - November 18

Just because your mother experienced certain symptoms doesn't mean you will too. I guess we all think we'll be like our mothers, sometimes it's true, sometimes it isn't. I had no symptoms what so ever with both of my pregnancies. You're not alone in having no symptoms. And don't fret thinking there's something wrong with you because you have no symptoms. You're completely fine! And it's totally normal.


Donna - November 18

you dont want morning sickness it's awful thing to have and if you do get it then you will regret hehe, and if you dont feel pregnant now...wait till the baby kicks thats when u really feel it :)


dana - November 20

trust me you won't be saying that in 30 will be saying OH MY GOD WHEN AM I GOING TO HAVE THIS DAMN BABY????


Dez - November 20

trust me girl if you can dodge the morning sickness, just consider yourself lucky. I had it so bad and it was not fun, but I didnt start vomitting until I was about 8 weeks, and havent stopped being nauseated since (I am now 40.4 weeks), It has been hell, I have had every pregnancy symptom in the book. Good Luck (and dont you ever say you want to feel pregnant, lol j/k)


Lori - November 20

When I was pregnant with my 5 year old I had very little symptoms, I am now 18 weeks along and the only symptoms I had was sore b___sts and frequent urination. My mother also had very bad morning sickness. Count yourself lucky


lilmama - November 21

with my first, i didnt find out i was pregnant until i was almost 3 months, then it took a few weeks for morning sickness kicked in. Give it time, and you will feel it. I really hope you dont get morning sickness, it sucks. I'm 7 weeks now and cant keep my head out of the toilet! Everyone is different. In a few months you will be begging to not feel pregnant!! Just wait till you cant breathe because your baby is laying on your lungs!


tee-tee - December 13

What is the bad thingy about haves_x


molly - December 15

is medical testing a bad thing



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