Is This A Good Sign

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Frankie - August 26

I ovulated last weekend and my husband and I had s_x every other day during ovulation. I always lay in bed for 10 min or so with my hips raised, just incase. Normally when I get up even after not moving for a while a lot of semen still runs out of me. These few times nothing came out. Is this normal and a good sign or is this just wishful thinking on my part?


SaRaH - August 25

Men do not always discharge the same amount. I know it may sound dumb, but I try everything too! I always try to lay there for at least 10 minutes and like you said sometimes it leaks alot and some times barely anything!!! I hope that you get pregnant!!!!! GOOD LUCK!!


Rachel - August 25

It happens to me too, even if I lay in bed por 15 minutes it leaks out, sometimes a lot, sometimes none. I'm trying to get pregnant too and my doctor says that it doesn't matter if some s____n leaks out because millions of them already swam up there when he ejaculated. So still your chances are pretty big!!!


Frankie - August 25

Thanks Sarah and Rachel for your responses. I know I probably sounded silly, but I just wanted to get some feed back. Good luck to you!


Jess - August 25

Your chances for conceiving is better if you have intercourse the days proceeding ovulation and the day of ovulation. You are more likely to get pregnant if you have sperm waiting already in the fallopian tubes before you ovulate, since sperm can live up to five days in fertile-quality cervical mucus. Good luck to you all.


Melissa - August 25

I don't think it matters how much comes out. I got pregnant last time in teh shower standing up. Once it goes in it's in.


Frankie - August 26

I did the ovulation predictor on Thursday 8/19 and the test line was much darker than the reference line. According to the instructions it says I should ovulate within 12 - 24 hrs. So we made love that night, skipped Friday and did it again on Sat and Sun. I have a tipped uterus it goes towards my back so I was told to have s_x doggy style and stand on my head afterwards (how crazy is that) but I did it. Our obsticle is that I am 40 we have had all the tests done ie. sperm count, egg quality and all came back w/in normal range so the Dr said to try naturally for a few month and if nothing happens then we can go IVF. Anyway I'm rambling just really anxious. Thanks for all your feeback, It helps a lot!!!


SaRaH - August 26

Thanks Jess! Yeah GOOD LUCK to ALL of us! :)


Judy - August 26

I have a tipped uterus which tips toward my belly. After intercourse, the regular way, I would lay over the edge of the bed almost doing a head stand for 10 minutes and I would wait to use the restroom. Yes, I still had some s____n leak out but I am happy to say that I am 2 weeks pregnant with only being off birth control for four months.


Ellen - August 26

I know it is an anxious time trying to get pregnant. Regarding the tipped uterus... My mother (who had 4 kids) and my sister-in-law (now with 2 children) both have/had a tipped uterus and were able to get pregnant within the first year of trying with no intervention. Keep your hopes up. Best of luck


Frankie - August 26

Yes good luck to everyone!


Rachel - October 2

FRANKIE: What happened at the end???? Are you pregnant?????????



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