Is This A Good Way To Get Pregnant

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sam - November 16

My husband wont come inside of me but he wants a baby so when he comes on my stomache i kinda scoop it up and insert it myself.Is that the same as him coming inside of me?and will i get pregnant by doing this the same as if he comes inside of me?


Tracy - November 16

If between the two of you, there's no more sense than this - I dont think you need to be having a baby.


Amy - November 16

No i think that sperm will die when it hits air but not 100% on that


sam - November 16

im not stupid, i was only asking a question just like everyone else on here.Im sorry if you cant be nice enough to give me information


~m~ - November 16

I hate to ask the obvious, but if he wants a baby, why in the hell will he not go inside you?


sam - November 16

i have no idea he said that if we are supposed to have a baby that we will but i have explained to him that if he doesnt go inside of me then we wont. I think hes scared.


ashley - November 16

please answer to my question....i need help


~m~ - November 16

Sounds like you 2 need to have a long talk and figure out if you are REALLY ready to have a baby. If he's that scared, or whatever he's feeling, maybe now isn't the best time. Just my opinion.


no name - November 16

Get him to c_m inside of you and then insert a tampon. It works!


sam - November 16

thank you so much for that last comment from no name this may sound stupid but what if he wont?can the inserting it myself thing work?


to sam - November 16

there really is not much of a chance if he won't c_m in you I mean air won't kill the sperm or anything but it is going to be really hard cause all the stuff that comes out of him is not all sperm and if he has a low count or anything your just wasting your time you need to sit him down and tell him he needs to be a man and do what he has to do if he wants a baby and if he still won't then tell him to forget it it just seems to me he has issues and do you really want to have a baby with a man like that cause it just seems to me he is not much of a man!!! good luck


well - November 16

one girl in the teen forum would have her bf c_m in a bowl then use a turkey baster to insert it. shes pregnant now


to sam - November 16

Are you sure, sam, that he really wants a baby? I am serious. He may just be saying that to you so you won't leave him. You may think it's mean, but I don't know you and I would hate to have you get pregnant and then he walks out on you or something. He just doesn't seem right - you sound okay, like you really want a baby - maybe he's just not the right guy - I don't know, sorry I don't mean to sound mean, but the guy just doesn't seem right & if you are wanting to start a family I hope ... well, good luck and I mean that in a nice way


Erin - November 16

To well - that's funny, I saw a show on animal planet and that was how they impregnated a horse, with a turkey baster!


lol - November 16

yeah her name is carol and she says she just used a turkey baster. weird


AHHH! - November 16

Nobody should be so desperate as to go and use a turkey baster to get pregnant. Especially a teen! It's totally stupid to want a child with someone who doesn't want one with you! You should know they'll leave in the future. My husband came on my tummy one time, and that is discusting!! I told him if he ever did that again, he wasn't going to get anymore for a LONG time!Just be patient, and wait!


Lisa - November 16

This does not make any sense at all....



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