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ginger - May 24

my boyfriend and I want a baby, but he somokes pot very often is this why i havent conceved and if so how long does it take to get pregnet after he stops


ellie - May 24

smoking por reduces your fertility. he should stop until you confirm your pregnancy, and he should not smoke around you when you are pregnant, or smoke around the baby when it is born. he shouldnt smoke at all. my boyfriend used to smoke pot and it made him go loopy, he once almost killed his baby cousin in an accident. after a while it made him hard to live with, because he just didnt give a f*** about anything, or me. after he almost killed his cousin, he stopped. he hasnt looked back since, it ruined his life.


ellie - May 24



to Ellie - May 24

Your boyfriend was doing more than smoking pot ... probably crystal meth, or crack because pot DOES NOT cause mental issiues !! Sorry I am an advocate and my mother smokes pot on a daily basis (that is prescribed to her as a part of her lukhemia treatment) and I see how it helps her sooo much. Also, I have friends who are recreational smokers and let me tell you they are some of the nicest, kindest, understandin people you would ever want to encounter. My boyfriend also used to smoke but stopped when we were trying to conceive and through my pregnancy, but if he starts again it's fine with me as long as our baby is not exposed to it. It also helps him out greatly as a natural pain reliever because he is a mover and lifts heavy furniture everyday, so his back is sore alot of the time, so instead of the narcotics like percocet and demerol that the doctors prescribe for him, he smokes a joint and he is fine for the evening. but Ginger just get him to stop until your pregnancy is confirmed ... good luck :)


0:^) - May 24

• Have you thought of getting married, First? • Then perhaps stop smoking pot? • Then perhaps TTC? Good luck.


Abby - May 24

Do you want your boyfriend to smoke pot around your baby? Think of this before you ttc. he needs to grow up and be able to put his child first, IMO.


ginger - May 24



Not telling - May 24

Ginger, my husband smokes pot almost every night. It was hard for us to concieve but after 2 years I am 22 weeks pg.


Missy ~Edd 10/2/05 - May 24

Ginger - I am not critizing you, but I want you to know something - the chemical which are in the sperm CAN affect the development of a fertilized egg and CAN (not saying will) cause problems with the egg developing and implanting itself in your uterus. I would wait before TTC at least 30 from the time he quits just to be on the safe side. From what I hear, after they quit, they become *quite* fertile. My friend had two kids in two years, and conceived each one when he quit smoking pot for a few months. Best of luck to you.....


Kelsey - May 24

Ginger, my boyfriend has smoked pot for a very long time. I also smoked on occasion before I got pregnant. I heard it does make them less fertile, but I got pregnant know problem. He has smoked since he was like 15 and he's now 24. So Im not sure how it works cus it was no problem for us. Goodluck. I know a lot of people are critical of pot. I have know problem with it because it has never affected us negatively. I believe you will get pregnant when its your time.


To Ginger - May 24

these people saying he needs to put his child first before pot are ridiculous. your not even pregnant!!!!! I know many people who smoke who are very succesful people, including my boyfriend. People get so excited over the word pot!!Come on now it is 2005, no big issue. GOODLUCK!!!!!!!


jessica - May 25

i've been told and have read that pot actually can make a man or woman sterile. he might need to be checked if you haven't conceived in about 6 months.



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