Is This Going To Hurt The Baby He Wont Stop

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mcbanes_angel - July 11

my husband enjoys being goofy. he likes to tickle me alot and we used to wrestle around before i got pregnant. now, im six months along and he cotinuously blows on my tummy and shakes my belly a little hard. That is his way of "waking the baby up to talk to her" or whatever. Anyway, is this going to hurt her and do the blowing noises scare her? please let me know becuase its starting to freak me out.


marylou - July 11

When I was pregnant with my first, this was something that my husband would do and I would get really upset about it... so much that I started fights and "tattled" on him to my doctor. My doctor just laughed and said that nothing my husband can do will compare to what a toddler will do before the next baby comes. He was so right. My firstborn is 23 months and I can't even begin to tell you the torment I have endured. As nervewracking as it is, let your husband have fun within reason - this may be his way of bonding and that is really kind of sweet if you think about it!!!!! Good luck.


Erynn21 - July 11

I would have to agree, I actually shake my belly to try to get my baby to kick so her daddy can feel it. I know one of my co-workers was in a car wreck at about the same time as you and the baby was fine. Let him be goofy, unless it bugs you for other reasons.


Been There - July 11

I agree with Marylou and Erynn. Unless you're in pain, the baby is perfectly fine. She's used to hearing lost of noises in there, swishing fluid, heartbeat, etc. I doubt a b__wing noise will even phase her. She may just remember that b__wing noise when she's out and love it because it's so normal to her now.


mcbanes_angel - July 12

thanks everyone. i knew itd be silly, but you cant help but wonder. and yea, it is sweet until it annoys me. lol.


sophandbob - July 12

I was told that b__wing raspberries was a good thing for my partner to do if I was worried about lack of movement.


mandee25 - July 15

What is b__wing raspberries?



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